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- Hey everyone, I'm Chef Tom with All Things Barbecue,
and today I'm gonna be showing you the
Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener.
(soft whooshing)
This sharpener, which is manufactured by Chef's Choice,
the industry leader in electronic knife sharpeners,
uses Wusthof's Precision Edge Technology, or PEtec,
to keep your Wusthof knives sharpened to factory specs.
The Wusthof Factory PETec system uses laser-aligned
sharpeners to set a 14 degree blade angle.
A typical home sharpener set either a 20 degree
or 15 degree angle, meaning it's not aligned
with your blade's original angle.
But finally, there's an electric sharpener
that takes care of that.
This sharpener has three stages.
Now let's run down each stage as I resharpen
my Wusthof Classic 8-inch Chef's Knife.
The first stage is a coarse diamond grit
that sets a new edge on your knife.
This is a fairly powerful stage and you will likely
only need to use it to set an edge once or twice a year,
depending on how frequently you use your knives.
One thing to note is the PEtec sharpener
sharpens one side at a time,
so a single pass will take two pulls of the knife.
As you sharpen, you don't need to put any pressure
on the knife itself.
Let the knife's weight guide you as you pull steadily
through the sharpener.
To set an edge, you only need to pull through
three full passes, or six times total.
Now we'll move to the second stage, which uses a fine
diamond grit that will start cleaning up the burrs,
honing and refining it to a razor sharp edge.
This stage only requires two full passes
to clean up your new edge.
Finally, the third stage is a specialized stropping wheel
that polishes and removes those final small burrs.
Three passes through this section, and your knife is
set back to a perfect 14 degree factory edge.
Now the great thing about this sharpener is that you don't
always have to go through all three sections.
To maintain a nice blade, pull it through
the stropping section three times on each side.
And when that isn't working, step back to the second
section, pull it through two passes,
then go back through the third section three times.
And on those rare occasions when you need
to set a new edge, start at the first section
and take the knife all the way through as shown.
One final thing to note about this sharpener is that we
use it on all of our knives here in our teaching kitchen.
Now since the first stage is so coarse, we're able to set
our workhorse Victorinox knives to a 14 degree angle,
and we can maintain all of our knives
with this one single unit.
This means that no matter what kind of knives you own,
you can set 'em to a single angle
and maintain them with ease.
If you have any questions about this knife
or any of the other cutlery that we carry,
do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.
All things barbecue, where barbecue legends are made.


Wusthof PETec Electric Knife Sharpener | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

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