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  • On a film set, every second counts.

  • From large-scale studio shoots to tightly-focused documentaries,

  • Efficiency is key.

  • The original Ronin made great strides in helping make a shoot run smoothly.

  • But, we felt we could do even better,

  • and we have.

  • With the Ronin 2.

  • We literally took the Ronin back to the drawing board with a few key factors in mind:

  • Cross-compatibility with other stabilization systems.

  • The capacity to fully power a RED camera.

  • Refined setup and balancing time.

  • Larger payloads for more ambitious camera configurations.

  • And even intelligent features.

  • For the Ronin 2, we found it essential to make it so that it's able to be cross compatible.

  • Between mounted to a car for fast action driving, and it's now cable cam ready.

  • And of course it can still be handheld, providing smooth cinematic shots with minimal setup.

  • Everything has been refined for maximum efficiency.

  • The Ronin 2 has been reengineered from the ground up to be compatible with a wide variety of camera payloads.

  • The carbon fiber build provides the highest quality manufacturing ever

  • in a handheld stabilized camera rig.

  • It makes the Ronin 2 lightweight, strong, and functional.

  • The Ronin 2 is fully customizable thanks to extendable arms,

  • which allow for larger camera bodies and lenses.

  • Integrated locks on all three axes provide easier balancing, tuning,

  • and transportation.

  • And the new 2-axis lock means even greater options for mobility and camera control.

  • With the new Ronin 2 grip, the entire setup can be safely and quickly set down

  • with foldaway feet.

  • New integrated adjustment knobs allow for quick fine tuning adjustments.

  • The newly designed quick release mount makes transferring from handheld to vehicle mounts a breeze.

  • And faster setups means less down time on a shoot.

  • Powerful, higher torque motors provide the capability for larger payloads without sacrificing speed.

  • What was nice about the system was that

  • the motors were so strong that even if we had it in three different types of environments,

  • the system never need to be re-tuned.

  • It just sort of transferred between all three environments seamlessly,

  • and it kept the stabilization rock solid.

  • The Ronin 2 moves at speeds up to 75 miles per hour with a maximum 30 pound payload all while resisting high winds.

  • With Ronin 2's ability to travel at upwards of 70 miles an hour,

  • it allows us to do something that we weren't able to do previously and as easily as we can do it with the Ronin 2.

  • It gives us the ability to chase what we're doing at the speed at which it's happening and do exactly what we need to do.

  • To facilitate these new powerful features, the Ronin 2 is powered by dual batteries,

  • which are hot swappable at a moment's notice,

  • allowing for continuous uptime without ever powering down.

  • The camera can also be powered directly by the Ronin 2's batteries,

  • providing a more seamless experience between it,

  • the camera,

  • and all other accessories.

  • When you need to do a battery change, the camera stays live,

  • the Ronin stays live, and you're just hot swapping.

  • And then you keep on going.

  • With the advent of something like the Ronin,

  • I can provide the kind of gentle movement,

  • The incredible sense you get in being outside.

  • A new, integrated, ultra-bright screen allows for on-the-fly software and settings adjustments,

  • directly from the Ronin 2, including the intelligent features.

  • You can even make adjustments to any RED camera right from the touchscreen.

  • Also, a new handheld controller has been designed for wireless remote control of the gimbal.

  • The gimbal assistant app has been completely overhauled,

  • making it more intuitive and allowing full control over the Ronin 2.

  • A new build-in GPS module allows for better performance during high-speed shooting.

  • SmoothTrack has been updated for even better performance.

  • And intelligent features like timelapse and panorama are both fully supported.

  • Every element of the Ronin 2 has been redesigned with the filmmaker in mind

  • To maximize reliability and efficiency in any film environment.

  • By removing hardware and technical challenges from a film set,

  • the Ronin 2 is ready to help any filmmaker fully realize their creative vision.

  • Storytelling is a medium that endures.

  • The flexibility and power of the Ronin 2 ensures that every filmmaker's legacy is preserved forever.

On a film set, every second counts.


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