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Sunday showcase on ABC and it's presented by the United States
Marine Corps a sellout crowd at the TD Garden a rainy cold
winter the starting lineups brought to you by Taco Bell and one of the new Cavaliers in Bastogne to love
That's a nice sport and rest of the cast still have special handshakes with Kyrie Irving and they remember him from last year
He gets inside for the first bucket. We couldn't ask you if you don't want a championship video. I just give him a hug
James here in the booth finds Tristan Thompson, who's back in the starting lineups ensign? I think the game has simplified
now because and
Darrin Smith took a
Ridiculous Jeff's point deficit to take a lead, but Kusama finish it off. So they've had some ups and downs recently the rookie Tatum
There will be pockets a little extra juice now Irving on James he wants to shoot
And the NDA most national delusional ability there's a lot of guys in this week
Going on James isolated top of the key
James drives gets inside and backs at all and a good adjustment. I'm joined now by the general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers
The most powerful thing you said in the acquisition of Death March
So I would ask you at what point you knew you needed to make fundamental change no guys
I don't think it was one specific game in one instant that get a specialist in the West maybe
Wants to have his kids stay in school where they are let you know what his priorities
Are it's hard to really know what he wants to do stop the speculative articles, please
We'll see what we can do Irving from way down time the rebound
Green had a 24-point game the other night against Atlanta misses that the follow is good and goes backdoor gets inside
Close up a wild shot hit the bottom of the pack for
Rosita Morris Morris retrieve
Those here back to Horford
There's the prize rookie
Winning streak earlier the season
At the top spot Eastwood nap Toronto. We've just playing sensational basketball. They're number one Clarkson
I know this great best Monsieur
Things you're seeing defensively just getting back in transition getting matched up or more other countries in transition, so we got you got to know
Thank You Man two point eight again so nearly seventy points per game with, Utah
Shot there I would have one or two where there's another job. I don't even know if we had enough
bucks and on to steal nice defensive play
Fox against inside scoop layup is good needs a gifted scourge of in Tatum double-team kicks it out theis
You throws it up and therefore throws it down
One-on-one with Horford settles the llege upper knocks it down his second field goal
But that's the right defense that ball go Rozier trying to keep it alive the team's comes away
Mojo is gone in Rodney hood left wide open man hurt
Playing against Kobe Bryant in the championship. Just the whole run and going from the bottom to the top in a year's time is just
Hears was gonna be traded keep stalling is gonna. Be traded so for as James gets inside my growth grabs him with such force
Nice feed inside but roll with a finish on a core just fat past retiree are waiting for a light
We saw that last year in the playoffs
James steps back and drills the 3 pointer putt again, Kobe Altman
He looks like he's 20 Egypt graduated from college flat bikes as James
Say that when the arrows are throwing your way
You're losing are you doing bad except sometimes not before Haiti if we can rave about the job when made with a little more pace
That pass will Horford there comes Clarkson Irving is back Clarkson throws it down
And it's over they bred the Eastern Conference yes they can
They floated a the tops of throws it down
Brown gets that rebound
Marcus Morris steps into a three in thousand Morris with his ability to get to 15 on any given night
George Hill from a corner he's third in the NBA in three-point
14-point lead the largest of the game Al Horford connects out of three years ago. He hardly ever sucks resey didn't wanna take
Tice to the offensive rebound
come on boys
Sometimes players just aren't the right fit even though. There's talent. They're not the right fit with your team its George Hill with a beautiful
Shot clock winding down jr. Smith has to launch whoops and rattles at home
Coaching that team and coaching in this league to be is
It it's awfully impressed
They play hard they compete
And they totally change the way to the United States do it in a major market keep would be getting the print
I'm not so sure
We took it to who's on a hotline and that's not with the trade route one of the trial on James, Austin
Gets its time impacts at home
Let's leave this up to seventeen now
Frustrating Celtics the best defensive team in the NBA numbers wise the Cavaliers of scored at will and JR Smith
Which I think is their best lineup?
James kicks it out Jordan Clarkson spots up nails the three-point names now 22 points nine assists 8 rebounds
Rodney hood nails the three-pointer
25-point lead tailor the veins
May exist a shot for Jill 21 Mari dance 7 private
Box it again wide open knocks down another three there
12:40 want to send ours and the entire NBA family good wishes outside Nick Philbert of course the son of Cleveland Cavaliers
We're making these trades as Tatum that's inside stores the Cavaliers
95 points through three quarters Clarkson's jumpers good
Seven on the shot clock
Over right back inside to dance beautiful two-man game there, and it's batted like
Regretful up. This is what I have to do in adverts people
Ride the urge wide open Rosie
Who tried to save a nap till later?
Can't say that Korver throws it ahead to Clarkson Clarkson quick catchy chips got it
Barks it from downtown. It's waddle foot Brad Stevens telling us before the game
He's just he feels in each its way with more space. They've not playing christen up nice Euro step Dale can
tip the ticket by a hood
They're just having
his senior year
Later Nebraska, he said his first team he's playing with Kobe and Shaq
Make you dig pots out. There's gonna be a special language. I
Was fortunate enough to do it we did
Something's just 39% shooting copper nails the three plumber coming over
Don't you think that anybody's together when you're wedged everybody's is feeling good when your way
I think he's gonna cry out cry and I think that's why?
Jenny Osmond knocks down the free pie give credit to tyloo and the job he's done. She was very easy to point the finger and
Stop leading when people were questioning him. He held on to the Rope
Collar on kicks it up Austin again good wide open look knocks down another trip 54% from the field
16 sweet quarters
after a
Difficult afternoon for their Celtics
Natives it's inside Clause the Tau Kappa in it a sparkling
Debut for those who look cast could not have asked for a better start swimmin for new members
Facing the NBA's best defense in shredding the Celtics here in Boston 121 99
There's the final James to weave out. Shy of a triple double his former teammate Kyrie Irving had 18


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Feb 11 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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