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Elton Musk Launched a car to mars.
Yep this happen.
Yesterday at the office we were all watching
it live.

It was pretty cool.
SpaceX officially made history yesterday when
they successfully launched billionaire Elton

Musks electric Tesla Roadster into space on
board the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The Falcon Heavy took off from the Kennedy
Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida just

after3:45 pm EST.
It was set to launch 3 hours earlier but was
delayed by high winds.

The Falcon heavy is a monumental long-distance
rocket with an impressive array of 27 Merlin

engines and 3 reusable Falcon 9 boosters.
The rockets cargo bay can carry up to 60 tonnes
of material into Low Earth Orbit and up to

17 tonnes as far as Mars.
Shortly after breaching the atmosphere the
Falcon 9 boosters touched back down to earth

to be repurposed in future missions.
But this wasn't cheap- the Falcon heavy
launch cost 90 million dollars- while NASAs

planned SLS rocket Is expected to cost around
1 billion dollars per flight.

Mr Musk is the Space X founder and the mastermind
behind this space mission- hes hopeful this

voyage will pave the way for future manned
missions to mars.

About this launch Musk said- I had this image
of this giant explosion pad- with wheels bouncing

down the road and the logo landing somewhere
with a thud.

But fortunately that's not what happened-
Crazy things come true.

The car is now speeding towards the red planet
with David Bowies hit song Space Oddity playing

on loop- while a dummy in a space suit sits
in the drivers seat.

Before the stream cut out The car was last
seen on the live broadcast of the launch flying

over the breathtaking blue planet below it.
The projected path will bring the car close
to mars- there is also a small chance it may

crash into the planet.
But if it stays the course it will drift through
space for potentially millions of years.

This successful launch opens up a world of

Theres talks of building a new space station
above the moon- carrying new spy satellites-

and shuttling people to deep space destinations.
Its going to be interesting to see what comes
of this over the next few years.

Hello guys and welcome back to LP im Court

We are officially half way through the week
and the weekend is right around the corner.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day
so far.

Now I don't know where all of you live but
I live in Toronto Canada and we got hit with

a pretty bad snow storm so yeah that sucks.
I remember I used to love snow days like this-
but now as an adult it just means your 2 hours

later for work.
Let me know where your from and how the weather
is there down below.

Also make sure you stay tuned until the end
of this video as I will be answering some

of your question.
And if you havnt asked a question yet then
make sure you leave one down in the comment

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Valentines day is right around the cornor
so showing the love is important- you know?

Alright as you guys know we have a lot of
interesting news stories headed your way so

without further adue lets get started.
--Next- 1 thousand 200 Olympic security guards
have been quarantined after a Norovirus outbreak.

Geez I didn't even know the Olympics had
so many security guards.

So the Olympics is literally kicking off tomorrow
and now the organization committee have to

deal with this issue.
The centers for disease control and prevention
say that Norovirus – causes inflammation

of the stomach or intestines or both.
It results in diarrhea- vomiting- nausea and
stomach pain.

It's a highly contagious bug.
About this the organisation committee have
said- To address the shortfall in security

workforce due to the isolation 900 military
personnel have been deployed to take over

the work of the civil safety personnel.
They will work across 20 venues until all
affected workforce are able to return to duty.

Surveys on tap water- the food preparation
staff- and food items are currently being

conducted to trace the route of transmission.
Also, unfortunately- the Olympics is the perfect
place for an outbreak and they most frequently

happen in places like nursing homes- hospitals-
prisons-colleges and cruise ships- basically

an environment that requires people to live
and eat in close quarters.

Precautionary measures are being taken but
hopefully they can find the cause before the

games officially start.
--Next- The worlds longest Zipline is officially
open to the public.

A lot of people are super excited about this-
but if youre not a big fan of heights then

this might not be the story for you.
But I mean its making history so its still
exciting right?

This Zipline is referred to as the Jebel Jais

it is located in Dubai and it runs from the
top of the UAEs highest mountain.

Its 1.7 miles long and reaches top speeds
of 90 miles per hour.

Previously the longest Zipline was known as
the Green monster and it was 1.5 miles long.

Now aside from the zipline being a thrill-seeking
adventure- it seems like just to get to the

platform its quite a mission.
The platform is suspended in the air.
Its 9 and a half tons and is anchored by 8
anchors that are bolted in the sides of the

Ive been ziplining in Mexico and that was
super fun.

But that was nothing compared to this- check
it out

--Next- Im going to tell you about a very
clever 9 year old.

So this 9 year old is from San Diego and shes
a girl scout.

She somehow managed to sell 312 boxes of cookies
in just 6 hours.

Well she set up a stand outside a marijuana

Well it actually wasn't a stand- it was
basically her just selling them out of her

wagon- but you get the picture.
The dispensary even advertised that this girl
would be there cookies in tow to their clients

over their Instagram page.
So either this is a really business savvy
9 year old or it was just dumb luck.

Either way she sold an insane amount of cookies.
I was a girl guide leader last year and I
can tell you that's really impressive.

--Next- speaking of treats all of you Kinder
chocolate fans get ready.

Kinder Bueno ice cream is now a thing.
Several versions of the ice cream are being
released around the world and they look delicious.

The release date is yet to be given but its
probably going to be sometime in the summer.

When it is released were going to be introduced
to the Kinder ice cream sandwich- the Kinder

ice cream stick and the Kinder Bueno Ice cream

Yeah I think its safe to say im most excited
for that last one.

Which one are you most eager to try?
Let me know down in the comments.
--and its that time of the week where I answer
your questions so lets get started.

Bethany Watson asked- Would you rather kill
a kid or divorce Landon- 100 percent divorce

I would never kill a kid…plus you know it
helps that Landon and I arnt married.

Next- Steven Battle asked- Would you ever
be in any of the Jurassic Park Movies.

That would be amazing- by husband Liam..yes
not Landon Liam and I actually went to a ranch

in Hawaii where they filmed parts of Jurassic
park when we were on our Honeymoon.

It was so cool- honestly such an unreal place.
Got some amazing pictures.
Next- Sarra Boulebtina- sorry if I said your
name wrong asked- Have you ever thought of

having kids if yes how many and what would
their names be- Well I know for sure we want

2 kids at least- but id be good with 3 or
4 as well.

And keeping the names to myself for now.
Next- Jack Waldrop asked- what is your favorite

I think id have to go with sour patch kids
or skittles.

And there you guys have it.
That's all the news stories I have for today.
Thank you so much for your questions- make
sure you leave some more down in the comment

section for me to answer in tomorrows video.
And ill see all of you tomorrow.


Elon Musk Launched A Car To Mars

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