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Have you been to Taiwan? - I haven't, but I wanna go.
Okay, yeah. Congratulations on the fifth reprises Iron Man.
Thank you, dear.
I love this one. - Oh, good.
Do you think Iron Man really change your life?
Oh, for sure, I mean my career, you know.
It's really fun to be associated with a kind of a beloved...
- Right.
You know, comic book character.
But speaking about these Iron Man, I think Tony Stark, well, Robert Downey junior.
is the Iron Man instead of Tony Stark. - Okay.
People are so stereo-type, I mean I couldn't come up anyone else who could replace you,
if one day you say "Oh I'm done with Iron Man."
Yeah, but you never know. I mean again,
I think that what's interesting about all these brands is when the names and faces change.
I think keeps it interesting for the audience.
I will look back fondly on my time as Tony Stark one day. I'm sure.
And have you been to Taiwan? 'Cause these are the picture taken in the Taiwan subway.
And people rumors it's you.
That's interesting.
Yeah, 'cause you're, you know.
Let me see that, I mean that's...
You know you're the spokesperson for a cell phone brand from Taiwan, HTC .
Yes, love. - Yes.
You know it's crazy, because that guy just has a bit of a goatee,
but is he asleep?
Okay, but the fact that he can sleep sitting up on a subway, he should be a celebrity in his own way.
So this is not you huh? It's been rumored all around.
Yes, I would like to disclaim that rumor. I do not sleep on subways in Taiwan.
But you would like to come to Taiwan.
I may well be there one day.
Yeah, of course.
You know, do you think your job is the easiest one, since you're the only one who's acting in really small box?
I think that's actually one of the toughest parts is when I'm doing that heads up display work.
I'm not actually pretty fond of having a camera two inches away from my face,
and pretending I'm hurtling out of the sky.
Two inches?
But you get used to it. I don't know, maybe seven.
I don't think anybody has the easiest job.
I think we all have very specific roles to play and it can be nerve-wracking,
but it's really rewarding.
Your charming eyes definitely get the credit on the photo size.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you for the tweak, thank you so much.
One best reason to see The Venture 2?
I heard it's fantastic. It's worth your time and money.


亞洲獨家專訪RDJ!小勞勃道尼親自說明是否續演鋼鐵人?嘆天下無不散的筵席...【電癮好選喆Top movie picks】

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