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After being in the industry for such a long time
I've definitely learned how important it is to really take care of yourself
so that way you can give so much more back
in everything you do and to everyone you meet
Spirituality, health and wellness is something that I've been so passionate about
from such a young age
I love constantly learning about the mind, body, spirit connection
and I feel we can really learn something from each other
if we're able to share that knowledge
and I'm so excited to share with you some of the tools that have worked for me
and I really hope that they'll work for you too
In this series, I'll be opening up my little black book of wellness
to share to you all the special people and practices that really helped me in my life
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First up, how to cultivate a healthy mind
I'm super excited to introduce you to my wonderful friend Holly Star
Holly Star is an intuitive energy healer
I love to do many different types of meditations
and TM meditation
is Transcendental meditation
where you get a mantra that's specifically for you
and you're not allowed to tell anyone else the mantra
medication in general is just an incredible tool for me
to just really calm my mind and help me go deep inside myself
You start to find your own language with it
You know just like crystals are medicines
or herbs are whatever
you start to resonate to certain ones
and I feel like meditation I think just keeps leading you down into a deeper and deeper
path to get to know the self
You really begin to create a relationship to what the self is
and it's connecting into it a little by more
by universal force
I use crystals throughout my daily life and throughout my house and even in my skincare line
Kora Organics
Cause I really believe in the healing power of crystals
so crystals have been used for thousands of years
they have incredible benefits
what's your take on crystals
I think each one has their own resonates
and I think you know everybody has their own unique experience with them
I think for some people they uplift
some people there's transformational qualities
So you're saying amethyst you feel is good for opening the intuition
yes opening the intuition and I think it's a great creative stone
just cause it's more of a visionary stone
and I think it connects with kinda finding home
which is inside of ourself I believe
I think it's a great mirror for that
so every time I come in I notice at the entry point this huge clear crystal quartz
that is undeniable
I feel like clear quartz always have this way of really setting a tone of positivity
higher vibrations
When people are coming through my front door
It's just great to kinda clear the energy and set the intention of positivity before
they work in the door
and that's why I really like having the clear quartz in the front
yeah it's a great welcoming
Another important part of my daily routine is the use of aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils.
Different essential oils
are super helpful for your general state of well-being
one of my favorite aromatherapy to use
is this little heart chakra aromatherapy blend
This oil was actually created for me by my aromatherapist
when I was going through a challenging time in my life
it really helped transformed that negativity that I was feeling at the time
and I carry it with me all the time now
in my handbag
and I put it on throughout the day
all my pulse points so
I put it on my wrist here
and I put it behind my ears
and I put it on in my actual heart chakra
and I find it that it really helps
and it's little things like this that you find
that really can work for you
It's a supercharged blend for aromatherapy oil
and these oils really help support your heart chakra and your general well-being
Next is the use of positive affirmations
We have the power over our mind and if we choose positive thoughts then we can uplift
and we can uplift those around us
I'm such a big believer that I've written two books, actually for young women
Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself
with that I've made these little positive affirmation cards
so, I can keep these little affirmation card next my bed at night
and so when I wake up in the morning, I pick them up and I shuffle them
Then I just randomly pick a card
I'm the creator of my life nothing happens by chance
Every thought
Every action has a reaction
I choose my words and thoughts carefully
as they create my world
so there you go
just as what I was talking about
so sometime's I'll even right a positive affirmation on my mirror
just as a little reminder
one of my favorite messages is
actually a positive message from my mother
and that is "Shine Your Light"
Shine your light
Finally I like to trade screen time for green time
so sometimes if I'm feeling overwhelmed or exhausted
I'll simply walk outside and put my feet in the grass
and it really helps energize and ground me
It connects me to nature and really helps me be in the present moment
It's a simple and effective tool


Miranda Kerr's Guide to De-Stressing | Little Black Book of Wellness | Harper's BAZAAR

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