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  • Southern nights have you ever felt

  • A southern night free as a breeze

  • Not to mention the trees

  • Whistling tunes that you know and love so.

  • Southern nights just as good even when

  • Closed your eyes I apologize

  • To any one who can truly say

  • He has found a better way.

  • Feels so good, feels so good it's frightening

  • Wish I could stop this world from fighting

  • La da da da da.

  • Mysteries like this and many others

  • In the trees blow in the night

  • In the southern skies.

  • Southern skies have you ever noticed

  • Southern skies it's precious beauty

  • Lies just beyond the eye

  • It goes running thru your soul like the stories of old.

  • Old man he and his dog they walk the old land

  • Every flower touched his cold hand

  • As he slowly walked by

  • Weeping willows would cry for joy...

Southern nights have you ever felt


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A2 初級

グレン・キャンベル - サザンナイツ(ライブ (Glen Campbell - Southern Nights (Live))

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