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- You didn't campaign for it. - I did, I did.
- And yet you were given this. - I was--
But it's the "Beautiful Woman on the Inside" issue.
Like, there's, like, three dots.
Then you open; it goes, "Beautiful woman
on the inside."
- Yeah.
Well, you are beautiful on the inside and the outside.
- Only when hair and makeup come--
Three hours of-- Yeah, no, yeah.
- That's not true. - No, it's very true.
- I've seen you without hair and makeup before.
- You've seen me without hair? - I have.
Remember that time? - I do remember that time.
Was that after the pepper or before the pepper?
Oh, yeah. - Yeah, remember that?
- Yeah, remember that. - Good times.
- Good times. - Yeah.
Well, you offered. You said you could eat a pepper.
- Do they--she-- there was a thing.
She was like, "Stick your hand in a basket.
There's a snake." No big deal.
And then it was like, "Eat this pepper,"
and I said, "Oh, I'll eat this pepper."
And so I ate the pepper, and then she goes,
"You know what that was," and it was apparently
the hottest pepper in the whole world.
Like, this--you know. - Right.
- And then-- - That was the other cover.
both: "The Hottest Pepper in the Whole World."
- And then the best advice she gave me--
You came in the dressing room, and you said--
You remember this?
You said, "Tap. Don't wipe."
And I go, "What does that mean?"
- What are you talking about?
- Have you ever eaten a pepper
with such gravitas like that?
What happens hours later requires tapping and not wiping.
- First--first of all--
- I'm just saying, I never heard that before.
- I know myself, and I know I forget a lot of things.
I know I'm getting older. - Should we run the clip?
- I have never said, "Tap, not wipe."
Never in my--
- Well, then someone you were standing next to said it,
because you came in with a smile,
and you were so happy.
- 'Cause I clunked you over the head
with a broken bottle-- over your head too.
Remember that? As you took a bit of the pepper.
- Yeah. - Do we have the clip now?
We'll find it.
This was--really? Season four.
- Season four. - Your idea.
- Now, how's my hair?
[cheers and applause]
- Oh, my God.
[dramatic music]
[cheers and applause]
The only other thing I want to do
is break this over your head.
Come on.
[cheers and applause]
- [sighs]
I don't know why that happened.


Sandra Bullock on Being People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman

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