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Let's continue exploring,
Cesky Krumlov
On our second day in Cesky Krumlov,
it was so good to have breakfast provided at our hotel.
As it was our first time in Cesky Krumlov,
we decided to join a free walking tour
with Wiseman Free Tours.
The same company that did our ghost tour the previous night.
The medieval town of Cesky Krumlov
has so much history that there are so many interesting stories to be told.
I love the mix of Gothic,
Renaissance and Baroque architecture
that you can find throughout the town.
We're going to the castle!
A: Walking up to the castle...
A: Where there's bears!
Did you know there are bears in the moat of the Cesky Krumlov castle?
A: It's in the corner... W: Awww...
Can you possibly ever get sick of this view?
We just finished our walking tour with Jan from Wiseman Free Walking Tours in Cesky Krumlov.
It was the same guy that we had last night for our ghost tour
and he was just such a friendly guy
and he had so much information.
We are currently in the gardens...
the castle gardens.
We came across this area where there's no one else around
and we got it all to ourselves.
We got a bit of a view of the city here.
And in the distance you can see the castle tower, which is this one here.
That's really famous here.
If you guys look closely... let me try and zoom in for you...
You can see all the detail in the frescoes that they've drawn onto the bulding.
So, what our guide said was, originally,
this building was built with a Gothic style.
So, see how it's all colourful now?
It wasn't always like that.
When it was Gothic style, it was basically just plain colours...like cement.
And then...when they Renaissance came around,
they started to decorate it with frescoes.
When you look down here, can you guys see there's something that's not quite like the others?
You see this window here, this one right here on the right.
That's drawn on...it's not a real window.
If you see above, there's a walkway,
and to support that walkway, there's a beam
right where that window is.
So they couldn't actually put a real window there.
But then during that period, for the Renaissance style,
they wanted everything to be symmetrical
and to line up.
So they had to draw a window there.
A: Hello, let's go W: *laughs*
If you are ever in Cesky Krumlov,
I definitely recommend a visit to the Cesky Krumlov castle gardens.
Look how pretty it is!
Can you guys guess what this is?
We are walking towards...
...the biggest revolving auditorium in the world.
If you guys are wondering what a revolving auditorium is,
basically what happens is...
whenever they change the scene in a theatre play,
the auditorium spins.
A: Yes, the seating area spins.
A: Like a giant um...giant yum cha...
W: Lazy Susan?
A: It fits 650 people.
So every time they want to change a scene,
the auditorium spins
and then you get a new stage set.
A: Look at that ice chill!
This one's strawberry flavour,
I haven't had a strawberry flavour one before.
A: And this is a...I don't know...bit of ice cream,
a bit of ice block,
swirled up.
I think it's strawberry inside.
W: Do you even remember the name?
A: Twister, some kind of Typhoon, Cyclone...? W: At least give it a name...
See, my one's Calippo...
So, back by the river again today for lunch.
This time we're at the restaurant next door to the one we were at yesterday.
This restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant.
Can you believe that we are eating vegetarian food?
This is the combination plate, and over here this the dal plate.
So, this is Indian curry with chickpeas and lentils and um...
it comes with bread for you to dip.
And over here we have the same chickpea lentil thing.
A: Here...that's the same. W: Oh, here it is.
A: This is different...
W: Some peas and stuff... A: It's got some vegetables in it.
W: And here there are some beans.
And we got some tofu and mushrooms.
Yeh, looks like a good mix.
Oh, and there's rice in the middle.
Hidden under the rocket.
A: And we got bread here...perfect!
We fell so in love with Cesky Krumlov,
but, all good things must come to an end.
And so, it was time to move on to our next destination,
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration,
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See you in the next video!


EUROPE TRAVEL VLOG #17: Cesky Krumlov pt 2/2 - There's Bears in the Castle!

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