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  • Hi everyone! I'm Bethany Brookshire

  • and I'm coming to you right now

  • from the Intel International Science

  • and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona!

  • I'm here with more than 1600 high school

  • students from around the world.

  • They're are showing off

  • their amazing research projects,

  • from robots to cancer therapies

  • to how to fight greenhouse gases.

  • Right now, I'm trying to make

  • a video series that will help

  • more kids do their own research.

  • I want to teach people

  • how to do real experiments,

  • how to get data and analyze it,

  • and answer questions about

  • how the world works.

  • The kids here at Intel ISEF,

  • they know about the scientific method.

  • They know that experiments aren't

  • things you just do once.

  • Now, it's time to hear from them!

  • What's your name?

  • I am Arda and I am from Turkey.

  • And what's the most important part

  • of getting started in science?

  • The most important part is

  • the literature reading because

  • in literature reading, we can

  • know a lot of things

  • for our project.

  • Hi. I'm Megha Vyakaranam.

  • I'm from Frisco, Texas.

  • And why is a hypothesis really important?

  • A hypothesis is important because

  • it sets the stand for future theories

  • and postulates that you make

  • based on the scientific data that you

  • calculate. And you can test your

  • hypothesis with the data you get

  • and if you hypothesis is correct,

  • then good for you!

  • What's your name?

  • Hi! My name is Darrell Tubbs.

  • I am from Detroit, Michigan.

  • And what's the most important part

  • of data collection?

  • Being consistent because if you're

  • not consistent then you can't get

  • the correct accuracy of what you're

  • experimenting. And then if it's not valid

  • you can't really present it to others.

  • What's your name?

  • My name is Fabiane and I'm from Brazil.

  • And what is it important to do statistics?

  • In our case it is important

  • because we need to prove

  • that our things work

  • to do the rest of the system.

  • In science, every step is important.

  • Society for Science and the Public wants

  • to share those steps with everyone.

  • Go to our site at,

  • and donate to help us

  • create a video series that will

  • science your life.

Hi everyone! I'm Bethany Brookshire


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