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  • Rocking her to sleep. Which is great like that was a thing

  • oh by the way. How's your Sarah?

  • Oh shes... shes actually cheated on Steven

  • Oh is THAT what happened?

  • Oh that must be quite hard for you because

  • shes you're sister and you're supposed to love her but she -

  • At the thing is the whole family is really torn because at the end of the day

  • Your kind of bad person. Yeah, you know you're a bad person though

  • how am I supposed to support you through this

  • Because we all know Steven quite well and he's kinda like family to us as well

  • That is really tough - it must be hard for you guys

  • Everyone knew him quite well!

  • How long had they been together?

  • They'd been together about 5 years

  • And so it's kind of obviously she's getting a bit kind of bored.

  • What - say?

  • and she just got bored of it

  • what? say that again

  • they've been together for 5 years

  • Say that again.

  • they've been together for five years

  • Repeat yourself

  • They've been together for FIVE YEARS

  • WHAT?!

  • Oh ah press mute - control M

  • Oh wow, that's much better. Whose side are we supposed to be on in this situation. he's like a brother -

  • oh here we go

Rocking her to sleep. Which is great like that was a thing


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