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  • Hi everyone. Welcome to The Ultimate Greek Pronunciation Guide.

  • In this series, you'll master Greek pronunciation. Proper pronunciation is essential in Greek,

  • and in this series, you'll learn it in a fast, comprehensive, and easy way.

  • In this first lesson, you'll learn about the building blocks of the Greek pronunciation

  • system that will help you in future lessons.

  • Greek is one of the oldest languages in the world and

  • it's writing system is amongst one of the oldest on record.

  • The modern Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters, each with a capital and a lowercase form.

  • The letter sigma has an additional lowercase form used in the final position.

  • But be careful not to fall into a very common trap.

  • As you're learning to speak correctly, you shouldn't concern yourself with all the letters.

  • That's rightforget them! You care about the sounds of Greek and here they are.

  • There are 34 consonant sounds, and 5 vowel sounds. You can form every single word in Greek by using these sounds.

  • Still seem complicated? Well how about this: of the 34 consonant sounds in Greek, you already know 26 of them.

  • That's right, if you're a native English speaker then you already make these sounds every day.

  • You can also ignore all of the vowel sounds for the same reason!

  • The only thing standing between you and perfect Greek pronunciation, are 8 new consonant sounds.

  • You can handle that!

  • Now let me introduce Stefania, who will be helping you to master these new sounds.

  • Γεια χαρά! Είμαι η Στεφανία. Stefania will be giving you native pronunciation examples for you to imitate.

  • But for this first lesson, just sit back and listen to the foreign sounds of Greek.

  • In the next lesson, we'll look at the top 5 pronunciation mistakes Greek learners make.

  • You'll want to make sure not to fall into these common traps.

  • After that, we'll begin going through the vowels and consonants of Greek.

  • This is your chance to learn how to correctly say all of the words you just heard.

  • We'll finish up the series by covering some special topics that will really make your Greek sound natural!

  • To close this lesson, here's a question for you.

  • Why is it important to spend time on learning proper pronunciation, even if you're already an advanced speaker?

  • The answer... You will be understood, and this will help you build more confidence as you communicate in Greek.

  • For beginners, you're creating a strong foundation to build on.

  • And for more advanced students, this is your chance to improve your accent and lose any bad habits you may have picked up.

  • See you in the next Ultimate Greek Pronunciation Guide lesson!

Hi everyone. Welcome to The Ultimate Greek Pronunciation Guide.


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