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  • Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare team.

  • The nurse that is starting off in the 21st century needs to be

  • someone who is willing to work in a environment where there is a lot of

  • collaboration.

  • >> There are amazing opportunities for nurses at Johns Hopkins.

  • They can start off as a generalist and

  • work in one of our surgical and medical units.

  • Or they can go right into a specialty like cardiac surgery,

  • which is a very exciting specialty given some of the procedures that

  • are only done here at Johns Hopkins.

  • And they truly work as part of an interdisciplinary team.

  • >> If you want to be part of a very intense high functioning team,

  • the rewards can be incredible.

  • >> You're encouraged to grow, both academically and professionally.

  • So it really requires nurses that are interested in increasing their

  • technical skills, their critical thinking,

  • as well as their patient advocacy.

  • >> We have a billion dollar new hospital,

  • which is absolutely beautiful.

  • It's all set up to make it easy for all of us to do our job.

  • >> Nurses here at Johns Hopkins love what they do.

  • They love what they do in the operating room.

  • They love the relationship they have with physician who highly value

  • their skill, expertise and compassion.

  • >> Doctors, nurses, social workers, go home at night feeling they

  • are doing something very valuable and very important.

  • [MUSIC]

  • >> It's a pretty exciting place to work.

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ジョンズ・ホプキンス医学の外科看護師の生活 (The Life of a Surgical Nurse at Johns Hopkins Medicine)

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