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Last night at the Academy Awards, Mark Wahlberg was joined by his furry Ted co-star onstage
to present the awards for Sound Mixing and Editing.
Many people were left wondering how they pulled that off. The studio behind the special effect
has revealed just how it was done.
The segment was brought to life by Tippett Studio, Seth MacFarlane (the director of Ted
and host of the 85th Academy Awards ceremony), as well as the telecast's director Don Mischer
and his broadcast team. Here's what Tippett Studio had to say about the making of the
“A duplicate of the Academy Awards stage was constructed at CBS Studios, with lighting
and cameras situated to match the Dolby Theatre set up.
“The feat involved planning exact camera positions so that the animation would integrate
seamlessly on Oscar Night with Wahlberg and the audience.
“With five nominees in each category, Tippett artists created 10 different outcomes in just
a four-week production schedule. As the winners were unknown before the envelope was opened,
Mischer and his team sat at the ready to push the button for the correct winner during the
live broadcast.”
Although it's still a ways off, Ted 2 is in development. Unsurprisingly -- Ted is the
highest-grossing slacker/stoner movie of all time and the third highest-grossing film starring
a CGI character.
For more movie news, stay tuned to IGN.


IGN News : How Ted Appeared at The Oscars

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