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What's up. This time around we're going to show you how to do the Heel Toe. This dance
just basically goes by the name. It's called the Heel Toe so you know you're going to use
a heel and a toe. Right? So we're going to start out taking our right foot and put that
on the heel. The left foot, you can see over here, is going to be on the toe so I'm up
like this. There you go, Heel Toe, that's the dance. No, there's more to it. So what
you're going to do is; you're on your heel here and you're on your toe here, you're going
to turn it to the side. Got it?
So we started out facing the left side, which is your right, and then we turned to our right,
which is your left. So we're going to take your right foot and put it on the heel. The
left foot should be on the toe then turn to the right side. Then what you're going to
do is jump it. So you're going to keep the same heel toe but now with the opposite feet.
So now your left foot which is in the back is going to be on the heel and the right foot
is going to be on the toe. So jump and switch it. There you go.
Now, all you have to do is turn your body to the left side. Jump and switch it. Turn
it to the right side. So basically what you have to remember is you have to always stay
on your heel and your toe. Got it? Because then it's not the Heel Toe. Heel and toe the
whole time right? So I'm going to take my right foot and I'm going to put it in the
front on the heel. Pick up the back foot, which is the left one and that should be on
the toe. Now turn. After you turn you always jump. So you're going to jump now. You switched
it. You have one heel and one toe again. Then you're going to turn. Next thing you do is
you jump it again. So much easier once you're bending your knees and you're down lower.
It works out so much better. Got it? All right.
So let's try this nice and slow. We're going to take our right foot and put it to the left
side. And the right foot is on the heel. Left foot is on the toe. Then we turn. Jump. Switch.
Turn. Jump. Switch. Turn. Jump. Switch. Turn. Jump. Switch. Turn. Got it? That's your Heel
Toe slow. Now what if you want to do it fast? You should do it fast. This is what it looks
like. We're going to start on this side. So, five, six, seven, eight, you go turn. Jump.
Turn. Turn. Turn. Turn. Turn. Turn. Turn. That's your Heel Toe. Notice I'm bending my
knees. We want to be down low to make this work our best. He just twists to the other
side. Got it? Yes? Jump. Turn. Turn. Turn. Heel Toe. That's how you do it.


How to Do the Heel Toe | Kids Hip-Hop Moves

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