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After making it, I wanted to go on a gigantic holiday. It was quite intense.
The Theory of Everything is a remarkable tale of Stephen Hawkin.
Eddie Redmayne plays the main man himself and yep, the word Oscar has already been mentioned.
Now, tell me Mr, I came out of this film wanting to change the world. -Did you? -Did you feel
a bit like that after? -That is the best news I've ever heard.
Did I feel like that after what making it? -After making it.
No. After making it, I wanted to go on a gigantic holiday. It was quite intense.
No, it was the most amazing mixture of formidable privilege and great fear making this film.
-Did you become a little bit of a geek afterwards?
I mean, I gave up science when I was like 14, so the greatest fleet for me was trying
to educate myself enough to be able to persuade people that I knew what I was talking about.
But, no, I worked with some of Stephen's old students and they would be teaching me the
intricacy of string theory. I'd be going home and going to like astronomy for kids.org.
But do you understand it now?
I do. I mean I understood enough to be able to play him convincingly in the parts of the film that I had to.
Now tell me, if the word Oscar is mentioned, I know it's boring to hear but if it is mentioned,
how you going to feel? Three words that you're going to feel when you find out that news?
Oh god, no I can't. I can't possibly. I genuinely, genuinely when we got cast, Felicity and I
this, the stakes felt so high. We were like - it was a bit of a knife edge and a great
sense of expectation so frankly the fact that Stephen and Jane enjoyed it and Jonathon and
the children, that was the greatest reward for us.
And I hear that you did lots of dance research to get into this character. Now has this helped
you for your first dance at your wedding?
Well, not so much dance research but I did work with a dancer who helped me sort of understand
Stephen's - I'm the worst dancer in the world.
Oh no, I wanted to see you on Strictly.
Do you know what? It was funny actually. I was working with a dancer to help me on this
and I told her I couldn't dance and one day she tried and she said, "yeah, right, by the way if they
ever ask you to be on Strictly say no!" So that's not happening.


Eddie Redmayne interview: Theory Of Everything star talks Oscar buzz

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