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People online have been asking me, "What do blind people see?"
People have asked me this my entire life. They always want to know,
"What do you see?" Like, "You must see something, you have to see something".
No, I don't see anything.
That's a five hour conversation.
Sighted people often talk about seeing like, "Well, then you must see black".
Well, no, because you have to see to know what black is.
So, therefore I can't see black.
It's just nothing - like I don't have a color with it.
When you guys can't see anything, that's what you see.
But for me, it's not like that.
All I see is light or dark. That's it.
I mean, the presence, or the absence of light in a room, or in a space.
That's all I can distinguish. That's it.
There are not shapes, there are no shadows -
but if there were shapes and stuff, it'd be great.
My shins and knees would be so grateful.
Holy mackerel. It'd be awesome.
So if I walk into a room during the day,
I can sorta tell, you know, like if the sun coming through.
Like walking through the lobby at work.
I can really get a sense of the sun, because I can pick it up, you know,
and it's poring through this window, in the front of the building, It's great.
And you know what? Perhaps I can feel the heat from it a little bit too.
Ah, that's nuts, I don't. But it's just, I can see this light.
Just that there a light source, I think is the best way to put it.
It's like a sound in a room almost, right?
If there's like a whir, or something in a room, you can find that sound.
So, if there's a light source -
you know, like the sun coming through that window,
I can tell.
You guys can see all the differences, in the different types of light.
But I can just tell that there is light.
It's not soft or hard, or white, or blue, or whatever or whatever.
It's a really hard thing to get your head around.
See, that would be like me trying to get my head around seeing.
♪ [TXP bumper music]
I do, I walk into stuff all the time. That's part of the hazards, right?
It's something that happens - that's just part of the thing.
Then just bounce off the things and keep going.
What? I walk into light poles all the time.
Not those light poles, but the things with the "cross or don't cross" button?
Right at the corner. But where else would you put it?
At least I can find it.


What Do Blind People See?

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Samuel 2018 年 1 月 23 日 に公開
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