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  • Erica, name something people bury in the backyard for the win.

  • I'm gonna say people bury... uh... placenta.

  • You know, so that they get the rose bushes stuff.

  • I've seen it on movie!

  • -They get the [inaudible] on rose bushes. -Good answer.

  • -I'm telling you. -Where are you from?

  • Who should taking the baby to outside in the backyard and bury placenta?

  • How he hell do you come from the hospital with your placenta in a bag

  • and take it out in the backyard cause you want some roses.

  • I've seen it on movie.

  • You ain't seen that in on no movie.

  • I've never heard it that so country in my life.

  • Can't believe y'all said this on TV!

  • Come on, please.

  • And that it was a good answer.

  • What doctor, after delivering the baby,

  • "Ma'am, Ma'am, where are you from? Georgia?

  • Do you want this that take it in the backyard?"

  • They delivered the baby at the house.

  • -They delivered the baby at the house? -Yes.

  • How far in the country did y'all live?

  • You don't do that no more. They got hospital.

  • Back in the day.

  • Back in the day?

  • They asked these questions a hundred people last week.

  • Maybe it was a hundred people from Georgia.

  • Why are you arguing with the host?

  • I need it to be on the board.

  • I need, I want, I hope. If this is on the board, right?

  • If this "placenta" is on this board right here, I will give you my placenta.

  • I can't believe it.

  • We are looking for the placenta.

Erica, name something people bury in the backyard for the win.


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