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  • Chloe: Hey guys!

  • C: It's Chloe!

  • Wengie: And me geinia

  • 00:00:02,720 --> 00:00:06,660 C: I thought of this video concept of us turning candy into food.

  • W: What? I don't even know like... what this is.

  • *Chloe laughs*

  • C: We're going to find out! So we are here, we have the ingredients.

  • [Oooh!]

  • C: We're going to try to do our best to make this candy look like food!

  • [Narration: Spaghetti and Meatballs]

  • [Cheerful music, no narration]

  • C: Is this a competition?

  • W: We just did a slime challenge on my channel!

  • W: Sabotaging me the whole way!

  • *Dramatic background music*

  • I wasn't a very good sport. I think I'm gonna get her back this time

  • I mean if you can like you're competing against me.. Diy queen!

  • This is going to be our noodles

  • We can cut them and make like a little short noodles..

  • Nah i'm gonna go for spaghetti oh interesting take on then.

  • you wanna kind of massage the twisler to like loosen it up

  • and then you just wanna layer it like a perfect noodle


  • Okay enough is enough we are moving on onto the meatballs

  • No we are going to sauce it! are you just going to put it on? yeah!

  • I've prepared a bowl earlier. I'm going to toss my meatballs in the sauce.

  • Are you kidding?

  • Where did you even get that bowl from!

  • Hey! so i went and got a bowl too!

  • Girls, that's your Jam.

  • Got this white chocolate bar. I'm gonna grated on top so in looks like Parmesan cheese! Thats so cool

  • Wow, this looks great! this actually does great. These are the finished spaggeti and meatballs

  • They acctually look really good. Even yours like...

  • Even you like did a decent job!

  • Stay to the end to see us try all the foods. We make round 2 chicken nugget

  • So we have some chicken nuggets mashed potatoes and then corn peas and carrots and we are going to recreate this

  • We call the rice bubbles RICE BUBBLES! and what I like we wash them a bit, okay

  • I think this looks like a good chicken is

  • A good way to get your a job. I'm very in touch. Thank you. I press with you

  • Wendy I'm sorry. I know this videos kind of corny

  • Okay, you know what we should do. Why don't you do that while I do the peas and stuff?

  • We're combining forces look. I don't mean it's not in the mood

  • Yeah, I'm just like a conversation

  • Like a look and make it time right now. I'm going to take some laffy taffy and make it into little peas

  • eradicating insanity playing original things

  • All right

  • Now we're going to take everything and plate it. It's not what they call it. Yeah, remember strong. You are strong. Don't doubt yourself

  • Okay, all right. I gotta be fast here we go

  • rice krispies

  • Is obviously right towards today dear man and figure enough? All right? Let's do it

  • Wonder, what do we do I?

  • Have a friend named B. And every time I see her. I say what's that oh?

  • My God, we're Gonna make Wasabi out of the laffy taffy

  • Oh my God that looks so good

  • whoa

  • This is the kind of sushi. Oh man. We are going to try the chicken nuggets first you actually look really good

  • What's so good that they should give this video? How do you like?

  • pull weight

  • with a butterfly stood by now, I

  • seen it that was like

  • not bad most beautiful of all we eat healthy heart a

  • heart true

  • but I do I guys through

  • Next one, but guys not yep it

  • Remembers our ear it. I almost think I'm eating spaghetti. I'm busy. Oh there. We go, okay

  • Teach me how to do it. Well. I never mean. I don't really know how to use a chopstick. I didn't assume you do

  • Nothing of that little bad the fruit leathers making when the rice krispy lling not a good mixture

  • Well they have both yep candy and food can be as food doesn't taste great, but looks amazing

  • I just keep it on display in conclusion

  • Therefore the end

  • Are you ready? Yeah? That was it for this video? We hope it made you?

  • laffy taffy! (pun)

  • I Can't believe you made me do that. We hope this video made you snicker ..( bad pun)

  • Candy get this video to 100,000 likes?

  • Comment down below and let us know which food with your favorite let us know if there was any food we should try if we do a second video

  • wengie's video! okay bye guys (leaves)

  • talk to you guys next time. love you .bye.

  • funky alternative music music

Chloe: Hey guys!


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