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Chloe: Hey guys!
C: It's Chloe!
Wengie: And me geinia
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C: I thought of this video concept of us turning candy into food.

W: What? I don't even know like... what this is.
*Chloe laughs*
C: We're going to find out! So we are here, we have the ingredients.
C: We're going to try to do our best to make this candy look like food!
[Narration: Spaghetti and Meatballs]
[Cheerful music, no narration]
C: Is this a competition?
W: We just did a slime challenge on my channel!
W: Sabotaging me the whole way!
*Dramatic background music*
I wasn't a very good sport. I think I'm gonna get her back this time
I mean if you can like you're competing against me.. Diy queen!
This is going to be our noodles
We can cut them and make like a little short noodles..
Nah i'm gonna go for spaghetti oh interesting take on then.
you wanna kind of massage the twisler to like loosen it up
and then you just wanna layer it like a perfect noodle
Okay enough is enough we are moving on onto the meatballs
No we are going to sauce it! are you just going to put it on? yeah!
I've prepared a bowl earlier. I'm going to toss my meatballs in the sauce.
Are you kidding?
Where did you even get that bowl from!
Hey! so i went and got a bowl too!
Girls, that's your Jam.
Got this white chocolate bar. I'm gonna grated on top so in looks like Parmesan cheese! Thats so cool
Wow, this looks great! this actually does great. These are the finished spaggeti and meatballs
They acctually look really good. Even yours like...
Even you like did a decent job!
Stay to the end to see us try all the foods. We make round 2 chicken nugget
So we have some chicken nuggets mashed potatoes and then corn peas and carrots and we are going to recreate this
We call the rice bubbles RICE BUBBLES! and what I like we wash them a bit, okay
I think this looks like a good chicken is
A good way to get your a job. I'm very in touch. Thank you. I press with you
Wendy I'm sorry. I know this videos kind of corny
Okay, you know what we should do. Why don't you do that while I do the peas and stuff?
We're combining forces look. I don't mean it's not in the mood
Yeah, I'm just like a conversation
Like a look and make it time right now. I'm going to take some laffy taffy and make it into little peas
eradicating insanity playing original things
All right
Now we're going to take everything and plate it. It's not what they call it. Yeah, remember strong. You are strong. Don't doubt yourself
Okay, all right. I gotta be fast here we go
rice krispies
Is obviously right towards today dear man and figure enough? All right? Let's do it
Wonder, what do we do I?
Have a friend named B. And every time I see her. I say what's that oh?
My God, we're Gonna make Wasabi out of the laffy taffy
Oh my God that looks so good
This is the kind of sushi. Oh man. We are going to try the chicken nuggets first you actually look really good
What's so good that they should give this video? How do you like?
pull weight
with a butterfly stood by now, I
seen it that was like
not bad most beautiful of all we eat healthy heart a
heart true
but I do I guys through
Next one, but guys not yep it
Remembers our ear it. I almost think I'm eating spaghetti. I'm busy. Oh there. We go, okay
Teach me how to do it. Well. I never mean. I don't really know how to use a chopstick. I didn't assume you do
Nothing of that little bad the fruit leathers making when the rice krispy lling not a good mixture
Well they have both yep candy and food can be as food doesn't taste great, but looks amazing
I just keep it on display in conclusion
Therefore the end
Are you ready? Yeah? That was it for this video? We hope it made you?
laffy taffy! (pun)
I Can't believe you made me do that. We hope this video made you snicker ..( bad pun)
Candy get this video to 100,000 likes?
Comment down below and let us know which food with your favorite let us know if there was any food we should try if we do a second video
wengie's video! okay bye guys (leaves)
talk to you guys next time. love you .bye.
funky alternative music music


Making FOOD out of CANDY! Candy vs Food Challenge ft. Wengie

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