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this week angry man tries to open email holograph takes on human form and the X
Factor reaches Nemo
I've had enough enough of old tech to going obsolete so it seems even desktop
computers days are numbered
oh right let's see what they got for us this year the Consumer Electronics Show
in Las Vegas is the place to find out it's where the new products and concepts
are launched for 2018 and some of them might just change the world one of the
highlights of CES for me is always finding out how bendy LG is this year
previously they've been slightly bendy and then they were quite bendy this year
I think they've nailed it it's a 65 inch rollup 4k display and the image quality
really is very very good and it does roll completely up into remitted ly a
fairly chunky box it's an oh le D display the only display
tech that can be fully flexible the circuitry is built on a segmented back
so it's a bit like a retractable garage door you can actually choose how far the
screen rolls out as well as a widescreen TV it can be used as a thin notification
bar a wider format 21 by 9 cinema screen and of course nothing at all the
argument is that you can make use of the space behind it when you're not using it
and of course in South Korea a lot of people live in high-rise blocks of flats
can you imagine lugging a 65 inch TV up the stairs or even getting into the lift
much easier if you can roll it down into a handy tube elsewhere there are plenty
of other things to see and play with here at CES here's a phone from Chinese
company vivo which doesn't have a fingerprint scanner on the back
that's because it has one built into the screen the O LED display shines light
onto your thumb and an optical scanner buried underneath registers what it sees
here's the link flow Fit 360 a necklace with three cameras that together live
stitch to make a 360 video so you can record a true first-person view of your
experience so others can feel like they were truly there to
now it's important to catch the eye at shows like these which is hopefully what
this thing is doing this is the hyper vision display by kee Nomo and it's
capable of projecting life-size images high above the show floor all right sexy
thank you that's enough from you now listen here's the science bit here we've
got 24 rapidly spinning LED strips and as they go around they're flashing
different colors which gives you the illusion of a persistent image and in
the flesh I have to say it does really look rather good
all right don't build up your part old super great okay enough flimsy flimsy
lamb from me let's get Lara lonesome now with some of the big announcements from
this year's show and what a week it's been with news from Tech's biggest
players including the likes of Intel saying it will release software fixes to
repair security issues surrounding its chips we've had press events that have
gone wrong with disobedient robots from LG Khloe is now gonna talk to me Chloe
doesn't like be evidently and Sony's robot dog wasn't that responsive either
a ball was an autonomous robot and will quickly become a member of your family
by table big nor be there meanwhile the lack of female keynote speakers has
caused controversy amongst attendees a situation which has led to raised
eyebrows compounded by the inclusion of robotic pole dancers at a strip club
near the event and on the show floor as usual TVs were everywhere
but this one really stood out Samsung wall is a hundred and forty six inches
wide and can be made even larger by adding modules
and finally Toyota's unveiled its new autonomous a pallet vehicle it can be
used for ride-sharing deliveries or even a moving storefront that comes directly
to you that was Lara now one of the big themes at the moment is wireless
charging that normally means putting your phone on a path but it is also
possible to send power through the air one of the problems with wireless power
is that that power is sent in every direction at the same time so wherever
your device is it only receives a tiny fraction of that power well here's a
system that gets around that by sending focused beams of power to one particular
point the power transmitter can be built into ceiling tiles walls tables or parts
of the furniture all it needs to know is which direction to point the power in
now here's the science bit to work that out
the device needing the power sends out low power signals in all directions most
of which are blocked by nearby objects but the signals that do bounce around
and reach the transmitter come in at particular angles now by sending the
power back at exactly the same angles that power bounces about and eventually
gets back to the device the makers told us that they can achieve
2 watts of power at a distance of one meter which impressively is about half
the power of a smartphone charger I'm using this light to detect the power
beams between the transmitter and the blank box receiver think about your home
where you have smoke detectors think about that smoke detector that starts
beeping at night because it runs out of battery you can power there to remotely
never have to charge the battery again but with high power beams Lansing about
your home you may be wondering easy safe this technology is entirely
safe and we look to get FCC approval for safety that certifies the technology as
safe so if you have accepted Wi-Fi into your home
accepting code the technology wouldn't be the same in the future the power
receivers could be made into any shape including that of a double-a battery and
that means that ordinary devices could be converted to wireless power without
any modification at all for a long time bricks and water shops have been trying
to keep up with online retailers who have the added benefits of being able to
keep track of their customers habits as well as provide very easy ways of paying
well here's one way that we could see some of those features brought into the
real world by retrofitting existing stores I poly just uses off-the-shelf
cameras one up here to track the customers and others underneath here to
take a look at the products and the customers interactions with them but the
real work is happening here in the AI algorithms where it's recognizing all
the products off the shelf and the customers interactions with them but the
AI is using the main camera here to keep track of what customers are doing
throughout the store it can recognize faces identify clothes and follow their
movements through the combination of the customer being recognized and the
products that they're picking up being identified when they get to the checkout
they don't even need to scan the items they just need to pay and if they agree
to being remembered for next time then all they need to do is go and pick
up their products and they can take them away
one thing which isn't making such a big noise this week is virtual reality is VR
in the last chance
billions have been poured into VR but the headsets just aren't selling in the
way the companies had hoped there are multiple problems the setup is too
difficult content is not compelling enough and unless it's treated very
carefully the VR experience can and has made me feel sick the manufacturers are
not going to give up on this though the oculus go will be launched around March
now that's a bit like Samsung's gear VR I mean you don't need a phone for it to
work it's all built in and it will be around $200 HTC announced here that
they're to release the vive Pro later this year it's a 3k headset which will
improve resolution significantly and keep the vibe ahead of the field and
while oculus allows three degrees of movement which is that way that way and
that way HTC has just launched its vive focus in
China which allows six degrees of movement
which is that that and that and also three dimensions of movement in space
and that's using inside out tracking which means there are no sensors or
lighthouses telling you where the headset is the headset itself works out
where it is in the environment now this is the next level for VR
still with magic leap releasing its augmented reality hololens alike later
this year and with tons of AR activity here like this from horizon a cheap flat
pack way of building your own AR headset using a cardboard kit and a phone VR
continues to face a tough battle with AR which just seems a bit more ready to
make its mark if you ask me oh I feel better for that anyway it's time to move
on now here comes Lara with some high-tech ways to stop thieves this
year's show a fair few anti-theft devices have been launched and I've got
my hands on some of them
and this is a prototype burglar prevention system it aims to replicate
what a house looks and sounds like when your home so through the app you can
preset it with the way that you live your life when you're going to be
playing music watching a film talking in the kitchen and when the lights are
going to be going on and off or you could simply wild about what's happening
in the house eventually the plan would be that a group of synchronized devices
could work through the house to make it look like natural movement from room to
room but of course that would add to the cost this is a smart safe now I have to
admit when I received it I did think this is very light very flimsy and how
could it possibly be a safe because you could just steal this if you have
something valuable inside but anyway it seems that the technology here could
actually be used in bigger stronger safes and this particular model is
possibly better for putting medicine in or just something that you want to keep
away from the kids or other people visiting your house so how it works
it of course can x-pyr a smartphone app which means that you can remotely open
the safe should you wish to actually do that and you'll also receive alerts if
anybody tries to tamper with it so let's set it up somewhere that it can remain
in a steady place this particular model has wings that extend to hold it into
place so if I put it here at the back of the shelf
and do this let me put something in here let me try and cancel with it and see
what happens
it's quite firmly attached although a little bit more forcefully pull it out
yeah there we go all right although I'm off with a sesh
Oh looks like it could be quite easy to open as well Omar you've got any ideas
let me try and find something that might be a bit better for security it's not
just about the home though this bag aims to keep your belongings safe when you're
out and about so if you're on a train or a plane and you've had to leave your bag
somewhere else then you might want to activate this tamper alert which uses
this RFID card to turn it on and off so if anybody tries to open your bag and it
sounds like that but if the issue is actually you forgetting things then this
loss prevention device aims to come to the rescue
now you can attach it to any given item and the company's software will learn
your habits so what time and where you take that item and if you do something
that seems out of the ordinary they can send your reminder before you've even
had a chance to forget it eventually they're even hoping to be
able to do things like access travel details through your email so you could
get a reminder to pick up your passport without running the risk of leaving
without it the device does still seem a little bit big right now but they are
trying to get a smaller version ready ahead of launch great if it works which
was generally the theme with most of what I tested that was Lara and this is
the valo copter it's a passenger drone made by a German
company and this one actually has flown but constantly reminded that the future
of transport is going to be amazing here at CES although there's no guarantee
that that is true case in point remember the Faraday future electric car
no show business anyway while Faraday gets its future in
order enter Buyten now this is a startup staffed by some pretty impressive people
who've come up with basically a computer on wheels will this car actually work
well Dave Lee was given exclusive access to it before and during CES
now I'll be honest this wasn't the most thrilling test-drive of my life worried
about being spotted before their big CES unveiling the team behind the bytes and
car only let us drive slowly around an unmarked warehouse just off the Las
Vegas Strip but it was very interesting the company has created what's
essentially a mobile supercomputer they say it has more in common with your
smartphone than it does a typical car and I agree for the first time I've been
impressed by a car not because of its performance on the road but because of
its operating system though the reason behind button is we want to be the
company bringing into the market the first real smart car vehicle has been
designed and created by a suitably qualified team made up of former BMW and
Apple engineers inside you'll see the dashboard has been completely reimagined
the gesture control system does look a bit imprecise and quite fiddly not ideal
when you're driving along a motorway at 70 miles an hour this looks like a
really distracting driving situation so isn't this actually quite dangerous to
have this in front of you so the key is about customization when you are in
drive mode we will actually disable certain features you won't be able to
get in to watch videos for instance what we want to try to build is a platform
where when there is autonomous driving all occupants in the car including the
driver have the ability to interact some of the most exciting features of the
bytes in-car actually going to be disabled until we live in a world of
fully autonomous driving so perhaps think of this vehicle as bridging the
gap between our dumb driving past and our smart driving future now of course
you can't reveal a car at CES without an expensive lavish launch event this one
went by without a hitch and people seemed impressed it's a really
interesting idea but they're really trying to target it at an affordable
price point $45,000 about half the cost of the Model S when that came out again
two hundred to three hundred five miles of range so they're hitting all the
right marks and adding all this cool technology and so I think they've got a
pretty good message here if you think all this seems a little familiar you're
right this was the scene at last year's CES when I covered new car company
Faraday future back then they told us everything was going swimmingly and that
their big new factory was going to be built soon but in less than a year the
factory in Nevada has been scrapped and while the company assists it's still
pressing ahead Faraday future is in serious danger of becoming a thing of
the past so what will happen to bite them the
biggest challenge facing them right now is to do with charging Tesla has more
than 8,000 superchargers for its cars dotted all over the world
bitin has none they think Tesla should share theirs and when it comes to
actually making the car bitin is building its own factory in Nanjing
China and they've promised their car will be put into production by the end
of 2019 and one-day cost $45,000 I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that
that was Dave Lee and there'll be plenty more transport on next week's click in
the meantime I'm having the nails done this is the o2 nails printer choose any
image you want and they'll print it onto your nail of course I chose a picture of
myself okay Richard Taylor and Nick quick be that
refreshing so this device is actually creating a vacuum in my mouth it's
sucking at my gums but the same time circulating a flow of water around my
teeth it's intended for users with reduced mobility or people that in
general have difficulty brushing their teeth because it replaces need to brush
and floss - the guys are working on integrating sensors into future devices
so that oral hygienist or dentists will be able to diagnose and treat for gum
disease and it's quite ticularly - this is mirror and it's being marketed as the
world's first smart baby feeding monitor you put your baby bottle any baby bottle
into the device has a temperature sensor to make sure that the milk in the bottle
is the right temperature for the baby and has a motion sensor which flashes
red if you're holding the bottle at a ridiculous angle but perhaps the most
interesting feature is that it's Wi-Fi enabled if there is a nanny feeding the
baby at home and the mums at work the results of the baby feeding are uploaded
via Wi-Fi to the mums smartphone at work so she can tell exactly how much the
baby has drunk
so what you're seeing here is a magical chess board by square-off and allows
players to play with each other regardless of where they are in the
world so right now Bob years off playing it by
his phone and an electromagnetic arm underneath the board is dragging the
different pieces to the correct square pretty clearly now you know what CES can
really take it out of you and I for one am already pretty sleep-deprived so what
I have in front of me here is a device that is packed with all sorts of
technology and the claim is that it will provide within 20 minutes the equivalent
of maybe two to five hours of sleep and there's going to be some electrodes that
are put behind my ears here effectively through this device that are
transmitting signals up to my brain so I'm gonna try this on and I'll see you
in 20 minutes I tell you what Rich's got the right
idea walking around here I'm absolutely
definitely feeling more relaxed than I was like 26 minutes ago of course I
don't know how relaxed I would have felt with the just over 26 minute power now
but Vegas hold two world-class talent and singing superstars and then there's
Richard Taylor in me this karaoke box uses professional auto-tune on your
voice which frankly makes you sound a bit like cher on a bad night next stop
Caesars it's not just neon eliminating the strip this week
intel has put on a light show of its own easing 250 custom-made LED strap drones
obviously flying above the famous Bellagio fountains the unmanned aircraft
dance in sync with the water jets and the music we caught up with the boss
behind this madness on the eve of the performance so there are a few
challenges with this space it's a very tight space you know we were only we're
only allowed to fly within the fountains and we actually created a two-layer
geofence so that if the drones were to ever go out the motors drops and the
drones falls into the water
well that was a pretty spectacular way to end the show don't you agree don't
forget we live at BBC click on Twitter hope you enjoyed our show and we'll see
you soon


CES 2018 and the future of virtual reality - BBC Click

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