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Hey, Shaun. I can't wait to go to the zoo tomorrow.
Yeah, me too.
I can't wait to see all those cool animals from all over the world.
So, what's your favorite animal, Shaun?
Well, I really like lions.
Yeah, why?
Well, lions are pretty strong
and also my star sign is Leo.
Really! That's why you're always so loud!
Anyway, what's your favorite animal, Fiona?
I like little baby pigs! They are so pink and cute.
I can't wait to go see them tomorrow at the zoo, yeah.
Wow, this is my first time to visit the zoo. There are so many animals.
Hey, look at that. What's that?
What's that? Don't scare me!
It's just an elephant.
Hey, I heard there's a lot of elephants in Thailand, but not in Taiwan.
Elephants are so big. I've never seen them standing in front of me.
Hey, look at that. What's that?
What's that? Not again!
Ha ha ha... It's just a turkey.
But, you know, that turkey doesn't actually have anything to do with the country, Turkey.
It's just like a really old mistake.
Hey, Shaun, there is something behind you.
Come on. I'm not gonna buy that.
I know you're just trying to scare me.
There's a snake!!!
Snake? What? Really?
Shaun, it's safe. The snake is gone.
You sure? The snake is gone?
You know I really hate snakes. When I was a kid, a snake tried to bite me.
I scared to death of snakes.
Can we visit some cute animals now?
Yeah, sure. Maybe we can go see the polar bear, OK?
polar bear
Polar bears are so cute. I know there's a brown bear which lives in North America.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, I heard that in Taiwan, there is a bear that you can only find here. Is that right?
Oh, yeah, you mean the Formosan Black Bear?
Formosan Black Bear
It's pretty cute, and it lives in the mountains in Taiwan.
Cute? Are you kidding me?
The last time I went walking with my friend in the mountain. We saw a black bear sleeping under a tree.
Then, what happened?
Well, the bear suddenly woke up and then it looked us like really fiercely.
And then, we just got scared. So, we threw everything ran away.
Well, it sounds really scary. I think it's better to see animals in the zoo.
polar bear
Formosan Black Bear
Next time you go to a zoo, don't forget to see all of those cute animals.
Hey Shaun, do you know where should I put these ropes?
Snake! Call 911 !


Hess -Animals- What's your favorite animals?

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Hess 2018 年 1 月 17 日 に公開
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