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oh my did you know that i was doing so

well fairly good musical occasion
I'm sorry just go strut your butt away
no you can't just got all just shows red
bra ice cream a Korean pancakes
oh yes the perfect for any game pressure
about I buried all I love snow rain suit
dangerous get back any years are you
talking about it's only rain
Oh how He first photo inside for
structural features out there there's a
low-pressure system building that it's
causing major shift in this area
people have been told to stay inside and
prepare for possible evacuation this
looks really bad
the corner and wait it out again we are
you all to please stay inside
let me ask my parents back there they
are too much through google today
oh yeah a fire that you we cool on your
half y'all
hi Josh musica ice / don't incident
ah if he waiting pretty hard a cool yeah
it's pretty bad over here
welcome pick you up when it stopped
raining they say the lane is gonna get
I don't think it's a good idea to drive
anytime soon hmm i could just be with
the Bears tonight is that cool yeah of
course your favorite for my brilliant i
don't learn scored town centre retrieve
the chip it's called for her she was the
world was just connecting hat hey dad
please can take care of myself
don't worry mr. part your daughter is
safe for God go ahead i'm going to be
bears at the holes would befit iceberg
is there in the world safe
alright but you have to promise me
there's composer how you promised to
protect our daughter she's the most
important to us
uh-huh can you handle this
responsibility yes there will do our
best with your baby right there will be
ultimate protector
how can I prove it to me don't worry
bears we trust you just call us if
anything happens okay you can talk about
ok have fun for don't forget to brush
your fears that means that and make sure
your check your Bongo County watch your
place to get love you
why well
the bar
so here's the story of the slog man was
arranged just like this i was in the
bathroom when I noticed something
unusual wore a bunch of slugs through
crying all over the window
oh and that's very nice trail a sliding
new trail that led to my room oh there
others were going response i spent
doesn't like I knew someone was in my
he wasn't even really disturbing noise
so I went into the kitchen and grabbed a
flashlight and slowly i open my own
bedroom door was still dark feelings but
I knew something was terribly wrong
exchange was feeling my room like
someone was worrying i sin I saw him to
smooth your eyes and paralyze the truck
man weighing macking it it great to the
shower now that was a crazy story is
very scared but what is the foreground
gives us tonight come on in the system
and story you sure yep
no man I really hope this storm goes
away soon
did you hear that right there it is
hello this is a grand entrance
I don't want to be loved the huge don't
care what color panel is it there is
something that was just an old story to
tell somebody can put the noises it's
just the rain
you're always pretending it really quick
good are worried about you know it's not
fake out there call we do our sweet baby
Angel we made a promise to your father
to keep you safe are doing Chris come on
it's the rain making that noise
rajshri child you're delirious from here
we've got this completely under control
i'm just gonna borrow the first second
give you a quick update
huh no service paper comments going down
yeah sure it was going to still
believing grid i can go get it
good idea Chloe one box you don't we
have to investigate pretzels will decide
our fate will grow up and be strong
panda i scribble telltale bravely please
I couldn't have a pretty sure
something's out there are able to
breathe dogma g50 guys let me go up it
it's just a stormy night
nothing to be afraid of no you go along
we'll go together where I think we
should split up
he'll step questions here
Oh Lou the battery is dead
Frank because you always find quality ok
dad always you're okay we re screaming
because I found you should've strapped
up here confused little raccoon I told
you it's nothing
oh so you want to do
hey everyone's always trying to protect
your back and handle things myself I
would be being old-time parts on the
phones are dead
where does not like storms guys guys
coming out it was a power outage because
the weather we didn't need to know that
it's coming from outside for sure just
underwear could remove or something you
need to win not something over result of
it was probably just the branch of the
room Chris there's nothing out there to
be freedom
for your guy was that your bored man
aww man knows we're here if you already
be employed was before man but I tell
you it's gonna come find a devourer I
don't want to be eaten very so much i
have yet to do in this lighting biker
most scared there in the world
h-he have something that's gonna get in
we're done for
here's the worst guys the whole worry
Chloe you'll be okay we made a promise
to keep chloe safe
so let's go to our job together with the
authority hours
right going thanks out
the powers back on
wait for the best ensemble prenup
oh they're onto are you okay
oh cool i'm so sorry i tak you doing
here I was worried so I can to get you I
thought it would be dangerous here
birth is it was worrying too much
actually was really scared IDK mad
um hello mr. Park sorry for the
misunderstanding and screen
yeah and all the screaming flavor all
just freaking out of the scary story
maybe state-of-the-art



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