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Hey, it's me. Uh, I thought we're gonna talk about a video I made a year ago...
It was about happiness. It was about forced positivity...
Remember that video? I don't think being happy all the time is something.
desirable, at all. Now if you watch my older videos, I might seem a lot happier...
I might see a lot chiper a lot more positive and that's because...(susense poods)
I faked it.
Basically I talked about how a lot of youtubers,
had to keep up this sort of facade of happiness
and oh look how great everything is, to sort of draw people in and be entertained by you.
Cuz no one likes to hear a mopey ass.
little (mouthing a word)
People... people are generally drawn to, eh,
happiness, and, uh, I got really fed up and really tired of keeping this facade that
Yeah, I'm really enjoying this game. I'm really having a great time playing this game
Oh wow, I sure love playing Minecraft every single day for years.
(Laughs in Thot)
The video prompted a lot of responses and a lot of discussion
And I thought it was really interesting and healthy and great thing in general that we brought it up.
I remember really just playing games and in the back of my head, I was like: "I'm really hating this game.
I'm really not entertained by this", but I sort of had this idea in my head that
Well, it's my job and people want me to play it so I should just do it and
you know... But it wasn't fulfilling for me, and it wasn't making me happy, and I noticed recently a lot of
streamers AND YouTubers talking about this...
sorta saying that they don't feel very happy, or as happy as they used to be; they, they don't feel fulfilled...
It's a damn shame.
And I see a lot of people in the comments,
sort of being like: "well, it's your job. You should just suck it up. It's not that hard. YouTube is not a job."
Which is true by the way...
It's not a job.
But I always feel bad when I see this because I can relate to the entertainer. I can can understand their perspective,
and so I thought I would make a video just sort of
Explaining that perspective cuz I think I think it's important for-for everyone the-the problem with being a YouTuber
...or an online entertainer is that you constantly have to outdo yourself.
To keep people interested in what you are doing...
You have to constantly keep pushing boundaries, and you are essentially....
co-competing more or less with other entertainers and other YouTubers for-for-for the audience to give...
...you the time that you want.
This is not just to keep up your YouTube channel or whatever. It's also to keep up your livelihood.
I-imagine your job or whatever you do being...
a competition
It's-it's not a healthy thing and I think a lot of people
Get swept up in that but they have to keep
Pushing themselves, and I think it's it's a good reflection of what happened with Logan Paul
I know I keep bringing it up and that's not my point here.
I don't think Logan necessarily is a bad person.
I just think he really got caught up in that idea that he has to keep pushing himself to,
get those numbers and if you make videos every single day
It's really tough to keep... make people keep being interested and keep coming back.
So I can sort of understand it and I can sort of relate to it in a way
For me personally, I was really miserable before YouTube. YouTube is only really just done so many amazing thing to me
And I-I don't want to seem like I'm complaining
I'm-I'm-I couldn't be happier, but I think I still even though I talked about this a lot
I think a lot of people have this illusion in their head that
Money and fame is gonna bring them some sort of happiness.
And I think a lot of YouTubers and a lot of entertainers when they get this
get to the point where ackchyually
I have everything I want or thought I wanted, but I don't feel happy
and I don't feel fulfilled and that just makes them even more unhappy and less fulfilled and
It's a very... it can be a very negative thing. Even though it's maybe might be ha-hard to understand as an audience as a
as a...
As a silent viewer or whatever.
A few years ago, all I used to do was YouTube.
It was seven days a week...
(now I do six days a week)
... I would make videos. I would go... wake up, go to my room, make videos and that was it. I didn't have any hobbies,
I didn't have any other interests. I wouldn't hang out with friends
and looking back that was an extremely...
Unhealthy thing to do.
And I would do whatever videos
My fans wanted me to do; the fans that I have gotten because I had this very serious approach to YouTube
You know it's my job. I have to keep doing this. I am so lucky to be in this position
I have to respect it.
personal well-being or health
That's number two, but it got to a point for me where I just felt like
Enough, this is not making me happy
I don't want to keep doing this. I'm either gonna quit it or I'm just gonna say all right well
I'm gonna do it my way
and if I lose a couple fans in the
process then I can afford that. I'm in a position where I can afford doing that
and I was really ready for my channel to
Just come down crashing, an-and that would be it, but at least then I would be fulfilled, at least I would be happier
I w- I was met with a lotta-a lot of criticism a lot of a lot of angry fans, that said "oh you are not playing amnesia...
You've really changed, or you're not playing this game anymore. You really changed" but...
eventually I...
It took some time, but eventually it broke through and all the sudden
I had people loving what I was doing because
There was actual passion behind it, there was actual
things that I enjoyed, that I could share, I...
I got hobbies that I really enjoyed and I could share those as well, like whiskey videos something. I enjoy and
I started exercising
meeting friends and all these things that I used to do and it just
It made such a huge difference for me, and it might just seem obvious
But when you're so swept up into YouTube
It really isn't
and it also had the opposite effect that I thought my channel will go down
But it it did really well eithe-either way.
My advice to a lot of youtubers and entertainers is
do what makes YOU happy
If you lose some fans in the process - I think in the in the end it will be worth it
And I think a lot of us need to stop taking
their own personal health
eh... after..
Whatever it is they're doing.
I am really in the the... the best place I ever been
and uh...
I'm just having a blast with YouTube and everything I'm doing right now
And I'm so happy I made that choice
And that's sort of why I wanted to share this and I also wanted to give some insight for you guys to understand
Yes, YouTube isn't really a job, but it's also if it can also be extremely tough, and it extremely weighing you down
It's the easiest and the toughest job I ever done
It's not like I don't want people to pat me on the back being like
"yeah, it is a really tough..."
"... you're doing a great job...."
That's not it at all
But I you don't deserve to be slapped in the face for it either
Be happy be nice to each other and have a good smile everybody for every once in a while make sure
To smile and ALSO make sure to leave a like on this video if you found it helpful at all
Clap it up everybody. I need an outro if anyone can help me with that... a brofist?
(sniffle snuffle the fist)
There- there you go... there you go (FINALLY)
00:07:38,060 --> 00:07:39,200
Are you happy now? (YES)

I did it...I did the-... I did the pandering


Is YouTube Really Worth It?

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