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Hi, my name is Denisse Chavez, and I'm the chef of El Atoradero.
The enchilada is a very traditional dish from Puebla.
Nobody goes to Puebla without eating enchiladas or mole poblano.
You can get enchiladas everywhere in Puebla, and every day.
But the mole poblano, with chicken or with pork, is just for special occasions, like
birthdays or when people get married.
Every restaurant says they serve "original” Mexican food, but when you go there, it's
not original food.
So over here I try to push myself to not forget my culture.
Over here we use special tortillas.
I get the blue corn from Mexico.
We cook the corn, and then we put it in the molino and make fresh tortillas and fresh
We use four tortillas to roll the chicken, but you have to put it inside the mole to
get it wet.
That's why we call them "enchiladas."
They have to be very wet.
You can use anything you want for decoration or the garnish.
But the original, traditional way is avocado, cheese, and cream—and that's it.
The mole poblano is very traditional, but it's also difficult to do.
This recipe is from my grandma.
I use more than six chiles.
One of the chiles—we call it ancho—is more red.
Mulato is black.
And then pasilla is sweet.
If you want it more spicy, you can use chile morita, chipotle, or pulla.
I'm using raisins, cinnamon, garlic, cloves, black pepper, anise, and plantains.
All of those ingredients give you a nice flavor with the chiles.
It's very hard to make the mole, but it's very good.
I'm trying to do everything 100% traditional.
When I go to Mexico, I'm always behind my sister or
my mom.
They cook everything from scratch. They still do the nixtamal, the fresh tortillas.
So there are many, many, dishes that I can still bring.
I love to bring original plates from my culture, and show the real Mexican food.


These Enchiladas Are a Taste of Real Mexican Home-Cooking | Food Skills

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