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  • Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in the world of Finding Nemo, spending your time

  • under the sea? Oh wait, wrong movie. The world of Finding Nemo was one of the most beautiful,

  • creative and unique worlds ever created. It is disappointing to not being able to say

  • the same about the video game counterpart. But the game does retain the thing that made

  • the movie so special, and that was its style.

  • The game starts with you playing as Nemo but soon after Nemo is captured, you switch control

  • to Marvin as he searches everything in the big blue ocean for his son. The story line

  • follows the same path as the film, with footage from the movie being used for many of the

  • game’s cutscenes. The game also does a great job recreating the ocean. The water looks

  • blue and there are plenty of collectables and fish to find throughout the levels. It

  • all builds together to make you feel like you are playing the movie, which is a great

  • thing.

  • The downfall of the game is the gameplay itself, and even that is not so bad. The film pushed

  • what could be done with animation forward, showing new ideas that would become staples.

  • The game does not do that, instead offering very familiar gameplay, and while it is not

  • innovative, it is functional and entertaining. The majority of the game is played from a

  • side-scrolling perspective. You will swim all around, looking for shells, battling clams,

  • and of course swimming through bubble rings. The game also has some parts that are more

  • 3D, with you swimming either towards or away from the camera. These sections are great

  • but do bring back some painful memories of Superman 64, on rails and having to swim through

  • rings. Bad, bad memories.

  • Thankfully, unlike Superman they control wonderfully and there is no time-limit, allowing you to

  • move at your pace which you will have to to avoid the enemies. You gain health by finding

  • shrimp, each one being a hit you can take. But you won’t really need to worry about

  • them and that bring up the game’s biggest fault and that is its difficulty. It is obviously

  • geared towards a younger audience, and its difficulty reflects that.

  • The game just needs to be enjoyed. It’s like playing an interactive version of one

  • of the most enjoyable movies. The difficulty may be lacking and the gameplay may feel a

  • little limited but the overall experience will have you playing with a smile on your

  • face.

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in the world of Finding Nemo, spending your time


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