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  • Hi everyone! I'm Jayde and today we're going to talk about energy! But what is

  • energy? Well all around us are things that move - we can see cars driving, we can

  • see people walking, we can see things moving around on TV - and if you look for

  • a really long time, you might even see plants growing... very slowly of course! But

  • what gives these things their ability to move? Well, the answer is energy! Energy is

  • the power to move, the power to do work. Energy makes things happen all around us.

  • Energy isn't something that we can see or hold or touch - it's sort of like the

  • wind. You can't see the wind or hold the wind - but you can see the effects of the

  • wind as it blows things around. Energy is the same - you can't see the energy but

  • you can see energy moving things. You can see energy at work. There's two types of

  • energy that you might notice around you - one type is moving energy - also called

  • kinetic energy. Imagine you ride your bicycle up a hill -

  • it takes a lot of energy to move your bike up the hill, and because the bike is

  • moving - you're using kinetic energy. The bigger and heavier the bicycle, the

  • harder you have to push and the more kinetic energy you need to make the

  • bicycle move! The second type of energy is called stored energy, or potential

  • energy. This is when something isn't moving right now, but it could move. It has the

  • potential to move - which is why we call it potential energy. So, for example, if

  • you're on your bike and you're at the top of the hill, you have to keep your

  • brakes on, otherwise you'll roll down the hill. The bike has potential energy - or

  • stored energy - energy stored in the bicycle, waiting to be used. As soon as

  • you take the brakes off you begin to roll down the hill, and because now you

  • and the bike are moving - that's called kinetic energy again. So energy is the

  • ability to move against a force - whether you're actually moving right now or if

  • you're holding on to that energy to move later. Now, I've talked about the two

  • kinds of energy - kinetic energy and potential energy - let's talk about where

  • energy comes from. Imagine you're riding your bike up the hill again. When you

  • ride your bike your body is using energy that came from food. Humans get all their

  • energy from food. Energy that's from food is called chemical energy because it

  • comes from the chemicals in the food - that's why sometimes if you haven't

  • eaten for a while you might get hungry or even hangry - and feel tired. It's a

  • sign that your body is running out of chemical energy and it needs more, so it

  • has the energy to do more exercise. But where does the food get its energy from?

  • Here's a food you might know... a potato. This potato was once part of a potato

  • plant - and plants get their energy from the Sun - in the form of light energy. So

  • that's where plants and humans get their energy from... but what about your computer

  • or your TV - where do they get their energy from? Well, computers and TVs and

  • other appliances in your house get their energy from electrical energy. You might

  • call it electricity. Electricity comes from power plants that make electrical

  • energy by burning oil or coal, and they send the electricity to our home along

  • wires. Some homes get their electricity from solar panels. Solar panels turn the

  • light energy from the Sun into electrical energy that you can use in

  • your home. So in this video we learned about the two kinds of energy: kinetic or

  • moving energy, and potential or stored energy - and we also learned about the

  • places where energy comes from. Whether your energy comes from food or from

  • light or from electricity - all types of energy just mean the ability or the

  • potential to move.

Hi everyone! I'm Jayde and today we're going to talk about energy! But what is


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エネルギーとは何か? (What is Energy?)

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