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  • It was the beginning of summer and no one knew me at camp.

  • I was just a big random loser.

  • Then things changed.

  • I got my period.

  • The red badge of courage!

  • I was the first one to get it, so I was like, the expert.

  • I became... The Camp Gyno.

  • Rap: I'm a queen bee come get it.

  • Rap: No trippin'.

  • Rap: I got everything you need, I'm a queen...

  • It's a serious responsibility.

  • From now on, you get these from me.

  • I'm like a counselor now.

  • Listen up ladies... menstruation demonstration!

  • For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc.

  • Your sword... your shield.

  • It's like, I'm Joan. And their vadge is the arc.

  • Oh, it hurts!

  • Suck it up and deal with it!

  • I guess the power got to my head a little bit.

  • This is your life now.

  • Popularity can do that.

  • I know it's that time of month for you, because I know your cycle!

  • But as quickly as it began, it was over.

  • Laurie!

  • Girls stopped coming to their appointments.

  • Then, I found out why.

  • The whole camp started getting friggin' care packages in the mail!

  • With tampons, and panty liners, and candy!

  • All perfectly timed to their cycle.

  • It's like Santa for your vagina!

  • How can a Camp Gyno compete with that?

It was the beginning of summer and no one knew me at camp.


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キャンプ・ジーノ (The Camp Gyno)

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