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I don't know what it's like with mother and daughters,
but father and sons hook is a rival.
It's bound to be a kind. Particularly, Brooklyn now he's 16,
he's becoming his own man and stuff.
And... and this is so funny like the way you try to score points against each other.
So, Brooklyn put this picture on the Instagram, and he put on a ... "Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren."
Look at that, he's got 317000 likes.
Okay, so that, you know cool and it's Ralph Lauren and you scrolled to the comments...
oh yeah, whatever...... (blah blah)
Get down to this one.
Mr. David Beckham, "That's my jumper."
That's so mean.
But it's actual... but it actually is my jumper.
And I was um... I was sat at lunch actually when that came up to my screen that he just posted a picture of him
and it was my jumper, so I had to tell him.
But I do find him going in my wardrobe,
even though he doesn't think I'm that cool dad.
And I still find him wearing my clothes every single day.
This one's for you, so... so... this is him... it's a little video.
He posted on the Instagram and to really boast about the numbers of his followers.
Here we go.
So, it's my mom's birthday today.
Brooklyn, I'm leaving.
I just reached a million followers.
I've got 52.
It's... it is his face. He is brushed.
I was... we were literally just about to walk at the door and ummm...
I can hear him talking in his room and I thought...
then I heard him say, "You know I'm just about... just reached a million..."
You destroyed that boy.
To be honest, you know when we were out, he gets recognized so much
that I'm literally you know I'm known as Brooklyn's dad, now.
and that's kind I'm the one who always takes the picture.
Yeah, no one's buying that.


ディビット・ベッカムが息子ブルックリン・ベッカムに水を差した!?(David Beckham Puts Brooklyn Beckham In His Place - The Graham Norton Show)

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