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  • A passenger has died. He was murdered.

  • If ever a movie demanded to be seen on a large screen with a full audience,

  • it's Murder on the Orient Express.

  • We want to bring the full experience to the audience, so I shot on film.

  • It essentially means it looks sharper, richer, more colorful and feels like you are inside.

  • Penelope, Derek, Judy, Daisy, Leslie, Michelle, Johnny,

  • you would look around and you'd be like, "This is crazy!"

  • It's a world filled with detail and luxury.

  • Every single set I walked onto it, I just go, "Oh my god."

  • It's a total dream.

  • Everything feels real. Everything is practical.

  • When you step on that set, it's time travel.

  • You completely suspend belief. The train moved and everything went past.

  • The detail and craftmanship is going to all of it,

  • it's completely breathtaking.

  • The costumes are extraordinary and so authentic. Just beautiful.

  • There's a murderer among us.

  • It's sitting adrenalin trip.

  • It is time to solve this case.

A passenger has died. He was murdered.


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オリエント急行殺人事件|舞台裏|20世紀FOX (Murder on the Orient Express | Behind The Scenes | 20th Century FOX)

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