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It's coming. We know in the year two thousand,
the Lord will take us into the kingdom of heaven. (Amen!)
Each of us, in body and soul, will be saved, be raptured alive!
The year went by. The Lord never came.
I know. The church has taken a hit. It's not just us.
Tell me, what does God want us to see?
If Brother Lin was right, then why wasn't he raptured?
We've believed for so long
and always yearned for being caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
It sounds silly and it's our notion and imagination.
All we care about is the Lord Jesus,
and if He descends down on a cloud and lifts us up to the kingdom of heaven!
Hey! Hold on! Don't you think you sound a bit like the Pharisees?
Brother Lin was our leader. He taught the Local Church how to be overcomers.
As long as we pursue according to the path Brother Lin led,
we'll surely become overcomers.
Brother Lin led for many years. Tell me, are there any overcomers among you?
The true overcomers will only be made
through experiencing God's work of judgment.
Also, Brother Lin didn't experience God's end-time judgment.
He wasn't an overcomer.
So how could he lead others on the path to becoming overcomers?
What's the difference between God's work and the work done by man?
We know it's the Holy Spirit who guides these people.
And if they're guided by Him,
it stands to reason that their work is God's work!
It's true. How is that different?
If there wasn't any difference,
why didn't God use man to do the redemptive work in the Age of Grace
but the Lord Jesus did it Himself?
Men used by God are not God incarnate,
and don't have the divine substance or the truth and life,
so they're unable to do God's work of saving man.
Brother Lin is a man used by God.
Like an apostle, his words contain the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit!
We believe Brother Lin's words are the truth!
So then, what exactly is the truth?
Only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
And we'll follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
No matter how well known or gifted,
if one can't bring us before the true God,
but lets us worship him, what is he? He is the servant of Satan!
And he should be forsaken!
God's work of saving mankind is so real, practical! There's no denying it!


Meet with the Lord Again | Official Trailer "Rapture in Peril"

59 タグ追加 保存
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