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You want some dinner? Huh?
Hang on!
Okay honey. Okay. Here. Here you go.
It does sound strange.
I mean if you hear somebody say we rescued a chicken
If you say we rescued a pit bull, or if we rescued a cat
People will be like that's so wonderful. That's so great
But you say you rescued a chicken....from what?
Is there a chicken in there?
Do you worry about being a crazy chicken lady?
Ah...I just never thought that I would be a chicken person
I don't know, I have never connected with a chicken before
I never had the opportunity to.... before Penelope
They are flock animals
And we are her flock!
I mean she really does treat us like family
She's with us all the time
Those are big nails
Who's in there?
Super curious, very interested
Penelope, where's it going?
Where's it going?
Will you play video games with daddy?
Good job!
Her nickname is Penela-poop
Because she is a machine
This is Penelope's diaper
It goes up around her tail, nice and high
Okay... go for a walk
There you go, good girl.
We are convinced that sometimes she gives us like vengeance poops
-You know, if we are not giving her we're not giving her enough attention -Please stop talking about the poop, please..
She loves chin rubs
She has so much personality
And she is so loving
Do you burp?
Did she go blind or did she lose her eye?
She went blind, her eyes had sunken in
She's doing a pretty okay job though. All things considered, that she has been through
News in Brooklyn.
A group of residents there tried to stop the systemic, and bloody slaughter of chickens right in the streets
But they are facing a big obstacle
This is an annual religious ritual. Practice by Hasidic Jews.
In the days leading to Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement
cage chickens are brought by the hundreds to ultra-orthodox neighborhoods
for the performance of the Kaporos ritual
We take the chicken, and we say,
"God, I know we've done some things this past year
that maybe if you were being strict with me, you would maybe want to punish me
god forbid, but taking away my life.
I'm asking you, don't take me
let me live, be kind, be merciful.
Take the chicken, I'm gonna give you the chicken"
And I, three times, swayed gently over my head
"This is my repentance
This is my substitution
This is my exchange
May the chicken be slaughtered in a kosher way,
and then I go on to a good life of peace and health and happiness for the upcoming Jewish new year"
To serve the growing Orthodox community
the ceremony demands high efficiency
At the expense of animal welfare
The birds were packed into small crates
And are often left without food or water for days
See they're dead. See they are all dead.
I remember
my grandfather, who was ultra-orthodox, talking about it
And ridiculing at himself.
He thought it was ridiculous
But when he spoke about it, I thought he meant that it was done in the middle ages, and it stayed there
I didn't realize it was still going on in this day and age
You've got hundreds of people lining up to do this
And it becomes, like an assembly line type of situation
and people are running, and here and there
And things aren't being done so carefully
and the chickens aren't being treated properly
This was Penelope's fate
But in October 2014
Venessa was walking to the grocery store
when she saw the signs with chickens on them
So I turned the corner
and I go down this random street
There were crates filled with chickens
And there were teenage boys that were standing on top of them
We called through 311
we called ESPCA
we called 911
you talked to police officers directly
and you know...oh...okay, we'll look into it...we'll look into it
Not only is it cruel that they died
But it's a public health issue
You could smell this all the way down the street
Practitioners claim the flesh of the dead birds is donated to needy
In my over twenty years of monitoring this
I know for a fact that's not true
Many, if not most of the birds' bodies, are thrown directly into trash bags
often still alive.
It just kept getting more and more shocking to us
I just kept like I gotta do something. I have to do something
If I can get just one chicken out, it would be worth it
And we tried to just buy one
And we did just try to get in line
and purchase one and bring it home
And we weren't allowed to do that
because I was clearly not a member of the community
I decided that I was going to go in disguise
and pretend to participate in the practice
I arrived at the site,
I paid my 20 dollars, at the registration
And then I had to come and stand in line
A guy brings me out this chicken
They pulled her wings back behind her
Because that's the way that they don't struggle
So I kept trying to hold her like...in a different way
and they're just all like looking at me
but I was just like....well...I'm playing a part
I'm sorry chicken ...you know...I just have to ...hold you like this
I stood in line and I'm standing here
And people are swinging them
And I took her, and I just walked away
and I kept walking ...I kept walking with her
and said no one's following me
You know, I'm just going to keep following ....just keep going
Okay...I called Steve at work and said
"Steve...I got one! I got one...Oh my god!"
Very good, it's okay...
Stay with me... stay with me... stay with me beautiful
She was unbelievably sick when we got her
Hi, you're back!
Is that all you need is some water?
We were holding on to hope that she would just make it through the first night
When I brought her in
they kinda looked at me like I was crazy
This chicken is suffering
And I didn't want for her to suffer
But I just had a feeling that it wasn't the end for her
They said that it looked like somebody had either stepped on her head
Or a crate fell on her
something had crushed her face
She was there for a solid month
We were set to bring her to this sanctuary
and this is when they had told me
"Well...something was going on with Penelope
We don't know what's happening, but she's not standing up anymore"
She actually seemed to be getting worse
She lost total feeling for both of her feet
It was like watching her rot
We had to do the compassionate thing,
we couldn't just let her suffer and suffer
Part of our thinking was that if she does have to die
let her die with people who love her
A lot of these sites would "just oh, just cull them"
Which is to kill them
When they get to this point..."oh... they end up in the freezer"
And I said okay, what are some natural cures for Merek's...
Because the vets don't have a cure for it
And sure enough
there were all of these other chickens that have recovered from Marek's disease
yeh....that's a purr
She's been trying to use her legs a lot more today
so we hope that she is on the mend
I had to go out of town for a wedding
It was interesting being home alone with Penelope
I have ...ah ...absolutely no background in taking care of a chicken
I had a Parakeet when I was a kid, and it didn't last long
So I did...my string of luck with keeping birds alive wasn't good
It was college football season,
so she would sit next to me on the couch, in her box
and I would give her the play by play
But I think it wasn't very fair that she couldn't see the TV
So I tried to think of a way that I could elevate her out
And I had found out that people had made these therapy swings for their chickens
Out of like... a big container box....and a towel
I stuck her in there
and she started to push with her feet
And she started to use her feet again
Steve was calling me and he said
"Venessa...she's trying to stand up
She's trying to stand up right now...
I think she's gonna ...she's gonna walk"
Okay....almost there... okay
If she could only do spurts
she would walk a few steps and then she would sit down, walk a few steps and sit down
But I mean it was obvious that something miraculous had happened in this little bird's body
and she just kept getting better
Come one, let's go! Come on Penelope,
come one!
Where's Penelope? Hi Penelope!
And at this point we knew she was gonna make it
that she was gonna survive
And now all of a sudden it was like.... well now what?
Here you go!
She's gotten so beautiful
She's grown honey, she's great
The way in which Kaporos's done these days is.... pretty bad
It is intrinsically violating our very own tenets of our religion
of cruelty to animals... absolutely
There's a better way to do this
But change doesn't come easily
Especially for strict orthodox, Jewish people in insular community
and we have a lot of historical anxiety and stresses upon us
and our relationship with the non-Jewish surrounding community
So we have to work together peacefully
to the common goal and to the common good


Penelope: A Rescue Story

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