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  • If you got already bought a seventh generation Intel core processor

  • Also known as(A.K.A.)Kaby Lake

  • You might be able to make a hot pot at home!

  • That's because it's much harder than the last generation

  • we called Skylake

  • But to be honest

  • Most builder don't really have enought budget

  • for these high-end water cooling system

  • So, I'm wondering is there way to cool our Kaby Lake down

  • without using a high-end expensive cooling system

  • Actully there are two ways:

  • Go hard OR Go easy

  • (English subtitle provide by~ hthoo2008 ,Hong Kong)

  • The tough to be a "Scalp breaker"

  • I mean diligent CPU (Sorry I'm not sure)

  • and replace the stock thermal compound with a better one

  • In this case, we use some liquid metals

  • This is actually an old way to cool your Intel (Toothpaste factory) CPU down (Or may be you can try to use toothpaste to cool down XD)

  • Since Toothpaste factory started to use normal thermal compound

  • between IHS and "Dine" instead of "soda"(Sorry again, I'm not sure!)

  • 0Oh~ Thank (Fuxk) you Intel !

  • But to be clear, this can be a risk if you don't do it properly

  • And although the material quite cheap,

  • you well cost your couple bucks in a few days of delivery

  • So, is there any free immediately way to cool your Kaby Lake down?

  • The answer is YES! (That's why you are watching this video!)

  • And that is why I called in easy way~

  • What we are using is a normal air cooler with 4 heat pipes

  • First, I gona overclock this 7700K to 5GHz

  • So I can show you how hot is it

  • Even after using liquid metal between "itust and dine" (Sorry, guess it by yourself!)

  • Now the core voltage is 1.32

  • After running Prime95 for awhile

  • Temperature grow to nearly 80 ℃

  • Can you imagine how hot it could be

  • If I didn't "deli" CPU

  • So now let's try some easy step

  • Okay~ Let's step into BIOS and find this PLL voltage

  • This might be OC menu or Voltage menue or whatever you might need some time find it

  • If you have overclocked the old socket 775 CPUs

  • you might know that adding PLL voltage could be helpful when overclocking basic clock frequency

  • But remember this is Kaby Lake

  • And we are only changing multiplier for overclocking

  • We don't need to push PLL voltage in order to stabilize our basic clock frequency

  • So we can even pull it down to may be 1.15

  • The default setting 1.3 V Let's see if 1.150 works

  • Standard! Did you see that?

  • Straight down to 64℃

  • That is what I'm talking about

  • Now might be you're wondering if pulling down PLL voltage could be helpful for CPU cooling

  • Why should I not decrease it more?

  • Well~ You can decrease it more but a low PLL voltage may call unstable results

  • For 7700K, I guess you might want to stay above 1.15

  • If really want to push it harder, remember to run Prime98 stress tests to ensure stability

  • Well that is what this video all about

  • If you like it push the like button and if you dislike it... I don't know!

  • May be you should watch it again you will well like it

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  • SEE YOU NEXT TIME! (English subtitle provide by hthoo2008)

  • GEEKERWAN (极客湾,即刻彎)

If you got already bought a seventh generation Intel core processor


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Geekerwan Kaby LakeのCPUを冷やす簡単な方法 (Geekerwan An Easy way to cool your Kaby Lake CPU down)

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