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[solemn music]
woman: Isn't he pretty?
[man howling]
[howling continues]
woman: Can you-- man: Hello.
woman: Can you speak English?
man: Yes.
woman: What-- man: [chuckles] Oh-ho.
woman: What day is it? man: Yes.
I like to move it move it.
woman: You know. man: All right.
This is best day of my life.
woman: No. I'm asking-- man: Oh, what day?
woman: Yes. man: Uh, it's, uh...
Wait a minute. [laughs]
A stupid question. "What day is it?"
Ah. Sorry. woman: Okay.
man: It's 24 July.
woman: And what a day it is.
man: It's the best day ever.
woman: You might be wondering why I'm up at this ungodly hour.
Like others, I believe that the time
between 3:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M.
is one where the veil between this world and the next
is the thinnest.
Often during this time of the day,
I hear the sound of my name uttered
by an unseen presence.
[dog barks]
[rooster crows]
woman: Good morning.
[woman #2 speaking native language]
[woman laughs]
man: Whoa. [laughs]
[speaking native language] That's nice.
man: And here we go into the garage.
That's right.
We're going to ride in the elevator.
All right. Let's ride it.
Here it is.
That's right.
This is the elevator at the Market Parking Garage
in Roanoke, Virginia.
This elevator has been made famous right here.
Here we go.
Here we are at six, which is burned out.
Just your basic Dover elevator.
For all of those of you at Dover Elevators,
a good brand of elevator.
Now we're gonna go back down to one.
All right. Now it's time to go off to work.
[engine turning]
Wasn't that fun?
Gray: You know how much strength it takes to rebel?
Ha. So this is a night in the life of S. Gray, man.
You know what I'm saying?
Sleeping on the coach... with nobo--
Grinding my ass off every day.
Shorties not enjoying their mother.
Man not enjoying his wife or his woman--his lady.
[baby wailing]
Just bullshit, man.
Alpha male trapped in and locked in
through religion and politics.
Soon enough, man, my plans
will all come into perfection.
[celestial choir]
[man snores]
[phone rings]
[toy rattles]
[alarm beeping]
[rooster crows]
[phone rings]
[celestial choir]
woman: [softly] I love you. man: [softly] I love you too.
[man coughs, gags]
[triumphant orchestral finale]
[boat horn blows]
man speaking native language: You need to have a pee.
If you don't pee, you can't watch TV, can you?
Hey. Here we go.
boy: Why do you have lots of hair growing?
man speaking native language: Because I'm a man.
boy speaking native language: What about women?
man: Women don't have hair, not as much.
[man speaking native language]
Say good morning to mummy.
boy speaking native language: Good morning.
man speaking native language: Here's the incense.
boy speaking native language: I don't want to.
man: Daddy will do it alone then, Tai-Chan.
Tai-Chan, here, sound the bell.
When daddy has put the incense in,
you can sound the bell.
[bell rings]
Not yet.
When daddy has put the incense in here.
[bell rings]
That's it. Good morning, mummy.
boy speaking native language: Good morning, mummy.
man speaking native language: Good, now put the incense out.
boy speaking native language: All done.
I want some water.
[man speaking native language]
[woman laughs]
[man coughs]
man: Today we're gonna videotape Sasha
doing his first ever shave.
Sasha: Oh, boy.
man: Sasha is how old now?
Sasha: Uh...15. man: All right.
Sasha: 15.
man: The first thing Sasha's doing
is getting the water hot to put a hot cloth
on his face.
Sasha: Yes.
man: So that it'll warm up your face
and moisturize your skin.
Does he have, like, a nice, warm face now?
Sasha: It's always been hot. man: All right. Yes.
Whatever you say there, dude.
Actually, we should probably do a close-up of your--
those whiskers.
They're really long now.
[chuckles] Sasha: Thank you.
man: You need to, like, really lather it up.
Sasha: Okay.
man: I don't think you need to put it on your nose.
Sasha: Yeah. Yeah. man: [laughs]
Sasha: Five-blade razor, which we got as a sample.
Schwing! Is it time?
man: Go ahead.
Sasha: Okay, you're shaving for me.
This is embarrassing.
I'm bleeding. man: Yes. Don't worry.
You will survive it. Sasha: Wow.
man: Don't worry. It will be all right.
Sasha: Oh, wow.
This is torture.
man: Does it hurt? Sasha: Yes.
man: It'll sting for a little while.
There, just dry yourself off.
And let's take a look at the nice...
Sasha: Meh. man: Nice clean shave.
Good job, buddy. Here. Sasha: This is not clean.
man: Here's what we do. Sasha: Agh.
man: Don't--give me-- face the camera here.
And we put a little piece on there.
See? And it sticks to the bloody part.
And voila, he's done.
Hey, wait. High five, buddy.
You survived it.
[animal bells ring]
man: Guys, it's not good to fall in love with girls
You have wives, so you are all right.
Whereas I don't have a wife.
man: What day is it today? man #2: The 24th.
man speaking native language: No way.
man #2: Then what day do you think it is?
man: The 25th. man #2: It's not the 25th.
man: It's the 25th. man #2: 24th.
man speaking native language: Oh, dear God.
[man speaking native language]
[man cheering]
man: We're documenting everything.
Bobby: Wha-ah-ah! man: Shh.
Bobby: Dah dah dah dah nah nah nah nah!
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!
man: Bobby, let Mommy sleep.
[Bobby laughs]
man: Are you feeling okay?
Cathy: Yeah, I'm just really tired, you know.
man: Okay. Bobby: You feel weird?
Okay, this is how you'll be weirder.
Whoa, tch.
man: Okay, let's let Mommy sleep.
Bobby: Okay, Mom.
Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah!
man: Bobby, get down. We're gonna let Mommy sleep.
Bobby: Son of a cuss.
Cathy: Thank you. Thank you.
Um, I do have a question, though,
'cause I--my biggest worry
is, you know, of course, my bandages and stuff.
But I've been taking a sh--
I know I can take a shower, but I haven't.
But I thought maybe I could at least try to take a shower
before you got here.
Is that okay if I just go ahead and do that?
Oh, good. Okay.
Bobby: Dad, can I come down?
Cathy: Bobby, can we have a talk, though?
Please, please, please? Bobby: Oh.
Cathy: I just need to have a talk, okay?
Because Grandma is telling me--
all the grandmas, all the friends are saying
what a great boy you are.
And of course I know that.
And I know that it's hard.
I've never been in a hospital.
I've never been like this before.
I just need us all to help each other, okay?
And I know that sometimes when we ask you
to do something to help, sometimes it's 'cause
you don't want to go upstairs 'cause you get scared.
And that's fine. I understand that.
Bobby: Dad's fault.
Cathy: If it's because you're scared
to go upstairs by yourself or downstairs by yourself,
just tell me that.
Bobby: I will. Sometimes... [speaking indistinctly]
And stop videotaping!
Cathy: Bobby...
man: I was gonna give you a camera too.
Cathy: We're gonna do a project--
a family project, okay?
Can we all agree to do the family project?
If not, then we can't do it. man: Do you want a camera?
Cathy: Okay? Bobby: What?
man: Do you want a camera to videotape me?
Bobby: Mm-hmm.
Cathy: It's gonna be a family project.
I need to have a happy boy today, okay?
man: You have to be happy if you have the video camera.
Bobby: Why?
man: Because it's a happy film.
Cathy: All right?
man: And it has a happy ending.
woman: Kompiang, was I a naughty child?
woman #2 speaking native language: No.
woman speaking native language: Truly?
woman #2: Well, maybe a bit.
[woman speaking native language]
woman: How long have you been working for our family?
woman #2 speaking native language: Over 25 years.
woman speaking native language: What are these offerings for?
woman #2: To celebrate the full moon.
woman speaking native language: The full moon?
[woman #2 speaking native language]
woman: What's this one?
woman #2: Pelungsur cake
to indicate that the ceremony has ended.
[rooster crows]
[rooster crows]
woman speaking native language: Which God is this for?
woman #2 speaking native language: This is to Vishnu.
The water is an offering for Him.
woman: Okay, we're coming in...
Okay, first of all--
and I'm sure he hears me by now--
let me explain something to you.
Everyone, can you hear me loud and clear?
My son was supposed to be cleaning his room yesterday.
Come on, boy!
boy: Woman!
woman: [chuckles] Woman!
Oh, this is gonna be a long day, as most are.
boy: [groans]
woman: He's always a bundle of joy when he wakes up.
Come on, come get in the shower, get the day going.
We got things to do, places to go.
boy: Yeah.
woman: People to see, futures to make.
[lighthearted music]
man: I had a major heart operation.
I'm very thankful to the beautiful staff.
No job is too big or--or too small.
And even down to a few minutes ago,
just wiping my bum,
because I had my first-- first poop...
in about a week or so.
So one of them came to the rescue and said,
"Listen, would you like me to trim that up for you, sir?"
So I said, "Yes."
And a very--very, um, courageous young lady in my case,
I think, did the job.
And just, uh, all in a day's work.
[chiming faintly]
I'm very, very grateful for these people
that have treated me like...
Just treated me so well.
In a short--short while...
I-I will be on the road to recovery,
and I'll be out there again doing crazy things
and enjoying life.
[overlapping chatter]
man: 56, 56...57.
61 Rupees.
61 going once, 61 going twice.
[overlapping chatter]
[ultrasound pulses]
Amanda: I'm Amanda.
What makes me joyful this Saturday is this...
And a little terrified and really excited.
woman: Oh, my God, did you feel that?
Let's try again.
[speaking native language]
Have a listen if he's sleeping.
[water dripping]
woman: What's up, Beatrice?
[bird chirping]
man: Oh, oh, oh, oh...
[speaking native language]
[relaxed instrumental music]
woman: All right, then. Oh! Come over here!
What a little miracle you are!
Now your mama has made herself a little copy of Mama.
[woman speaking native language]
man singing: I want to drink
from the clearest water.
I want to eat the things I ought to.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
I want to reach the greatest mountain.
Climb, if I want, without all the shouting.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
And clouds really should be white at least,
and oceans should meet us at the beach,
and I don't want to overreach
when I know what's in store, raw love.
Life, a day at a time, my love.
Life, a day at a time, don't know.
Life in a day and life in a day
and life in a day...
I want to drink from the clearest water.
I want to eat the things I ought to.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
I want to reach the greatest mountain,
climb, if I want, without all the shouting.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
And clouds really should be white at least,
and oceans should meet us at the beach,
and I don't want to overreach
when I know what's in store, raw love.
Okhwan Yoon: Good morning, everyone.
Bonjour. Buenos días.
Namaste. Salaam alaikum.
My name is Okhwan Yoon.
I was born in Korea.
It doesn't matter South or North Korea.
I'm traveling around the world by bicycle.
[dog barking]
[man shouting in native language]
Yoon: Today it's been 9 years and 36 days.
[bus horn honking]
This is Kathmandu, Nepal.
I have been in 190 countries so far.
I've been struck by cars six times.
Five times, surgery.
There are so many careless drivers in the world.
I have seen many different sizes of fly.
In North Africa, smaller fly than here.
And Turkey, smaller fly than here.
But this size is same fly in Korea
and in Japan and China.
So I feel very emotional.
[car horns honking]
[door bangs]
[easy jazz music]
man: Travel toothbrush and toothpaste--
essential if you're spending a night with the goats.
[wind whistling]
man speaking native language: 3D glasses.
man speaking native language: A box with medications
which I need every day in order to live.
man: Oh, and I have this plastic glove
from when I was at work the other day.
man: 50 pesos. Sweet.
man: A 500 rupee note.
2BA 596135.
I still remember the number.
woman: First is a Canadian flag,
because some of my ancestors
were from Nova Scotia, Canada.
Next is a German flag, because some of my ancestors
were from Germany.
Some of my ancestors lived in Wisconsin.
Some of my ancestors were from Poland.
Altai man that came in a chocolate egg.
An electric die.
It's an anti-evil eye protector.
Randy: Metal saw.
Metal eagle.
Metal wheels.
Anybody want some granite?
My name is Randy Raisides,
and this is Kenneth V. Fletcher's house.
Giant I-beam...
basket with grapes...
pipe bender...
a billion boxes.
He's kind of a hoarder.
I moved here four years ago, a terrible drug addict.
And in four years, Ken has done two things.
He has sobered me up,
and he has lost everything.
Good morning. Ken: Good morning.
Randy: Kenneth V. Fletcher.
Ken: Loser.
What else?
Destitute human being.
Randy: Tomorrow Ken leaves for the Canary Islands,
where he has gotten a job as a massage therapist.
And I go back to Nebraska,
where I'm going to be living with my folks.
He's one of those guys that has a billion ideas
and never completes any of them.
Ken wanted a piano as a kid.
Ken couldn't get a piano as a kid.
So three years ago, we looked on Craigslist all summer
and went over to the Twin Cities
and got pianos!
[Ken playing mid-tempo melody]
The man's a genius. He just never quite had the time.
It looks like the auctioneer's here.
man: What's in my pocket?
Well, it's a key.
And it's got a really neat little logo there.
[engine turning, revs]
This is a Lamborghini.
And this is my life in a day.
woman: Here's my wallet from Marc Jacobs.
There's a Marc Jacobs key chain that I love.
woman: My iPod, which is my soul.
man: Rosary.
Very good way of spending your time profitably
in the eternal dimension.
Telephone headset.
Extremely good way of wasting your time
in the earthly dimension.
[man speaking native language]
man: It's a small branch from the Neem tree.
man #2 speaking native language: What do you use it for?
man speaking native language: For my teeth.
man: I have nothing in my pockets. Zero.
man speaking native language: There's nothing in my pockets.
They're empty.
boy speaking native language: Money, lots of cash.
man speaking native language: How much is a lot?
boy speaking native language: Two-fifty.
man speaking native language: How much?
boy speaking native language: Two soles fifty.
[man speaking native language]
man speaking native language: Is that box your daddy's?
boy speaking native language: It's my brother's.
To make a lot of money.
man speaking native language: Hello, Abel.
Are you well?
It's Saturday again.
[men speaking native language]
man: The cold weather is here and August will be worse,
so you have to keep warm, Abel.
boy speaking native language: Hey you, this is my patch.
[men speaking native language]
boy speaking native language: Sometimes I make five soles.
When I was little, I once earned 20 soles in a day.
[men speaking native language]
man speaking native language: Bye. See you next Saturday.
man: What do you have in your pockets?
It's my knife.
Okay, you can go ahead and judge me all you want,
but there are some crazy people in the world.
woman: My Ruger P94
.40-caliber handgun.
I take this with me
wherever I go.
man speaking native language: Keys.
man speaking native language: All this is the cemetery.
[keys jingling]
man speaking native language: Is there anyone living here?
man #2 speaking native language: Yeah, I will show you.
man speaking native language: Can I talk to them?
man #2 speaking native language: Yeah, yeah.
[goat bleats]
man speaking native language: My story is, I can't work,
because who else would look after my kids?
My wife passed away, my children's mother.
I've got a 20 year old son who is sick.
He's a retard.
We have to tie him up all day to stop him wandering off.
Fourteen people live in this place.
We have no electricity, no water, no drains.
But we are still alive.
God will not forget us.
He created us.
That is what I believe.
God wouldn't have created this population just to forget us.
[muffled chatter]
[man speaking native language]
[muffled chatter]
Ayomatty: My name is Ayomatty.
I've been in Dubai for 13 years.
I work as a gardener,
and I am very happy.
man speaking native language: There is no work at home.
It's more profitable to come to Dubai.
I'm here to earn money to send back to my kids.
man speaking native language: Pray, be seated.
woman: All you think about is your belly.
[man speaking native language]
man: Did you see the fence fell down in those thistles?
Goddamned thistles everywhere.
And you think I'm a prick.
man: This is how brynza cheese is made.
When all liquid is removed, the cheese becomes very good.
Nearly as good as the Dutch cheese.
It even has holes, in just two, three days.
woman speaking native language: Oh, come on, stop boasting.
woman speaking native language: Lunch!
[children panting]
[shrieks and laughter]
[woman singing in native language]
[all singing in native language]
[singing continues]
[singing ends]
man: This is balut.
Only in the Philippines.
man #2: Balut.
man: You see that?
woman: Ew.
man: Oh, gross, huh?
Look, let's put some salt right there.
That's salt.
And then watch this.
[women singing in native language]
man speaking native language: How does it work?
man #2: Well, it goes in and out again, like a needle.
It doesn't fire bullets.
Nothing comes out of the gun.
man speaking native language: Ah, I see.
[women continue singing]
[man groans]
[singing continues]
Jack: Today is Saturday,
the 24th of July.
For the last three years, I've been away from home
to do my degree.
And as soon as that finished,
I ended up getting a job at a very demanding company.
So I don't really get to see my old man that much.
But whenever I do see him,
we always go to the same place
and do the same thing and have a catch-up.
man: I just phoned you.
Jack: Yeah, I just got it, actually.
I was about to phone you back.
man: How you doing? All right?
Jack: Yeah, not bad. man: Mouthful?
Jack: I'll have a mouthful.
man: You sort the tire out? Jack: Um...
man: That tire's fucked.
Jack: I haven't had time. man: That tire's fucked.
You'll get done for that. Seen it?
You got a rip in it.
Jack: Is that a rip?
man: Why don't you film down there, Jack?
Let's see if we see a cup.
Come on, that's it. Jesus.
You're not a student now, you know.
You're a working man.
There's no excuse.
Just here.
man: Is this where we're going?
Jack: Yeah.
man: Two small beef burgers, believe it or not.
Imagine what the large ones are like or the medium ones.
Ridiculous, isn't it? Unbelievable.
Anyway, here you go, Jack.
This way. I'm gonna sit in the car.
[seagulls crying]
What do you got?
Jack: This. man: Oh.
Is this bit a photograph of you at uni?
Jack: Yeah. man: Fantastic.
That's fantastic.
I'm gonna get a lovely frame on that,
'cause Nina's got a frame like that.
That's really cool, Jack. Thank you.
Now, you should be very proud of yourself, Jack,
considering you almost got chucked out of school.
You was lucky there, weren't you?
Yeah, you've matured, actually-- actually, in the last year or so
quite good into a real proper lad,
a real gentleman and a nice boy.
[engine turning]
Thanks for that, Jack.
man speaking native language: Who do you love a lot?
boy speaking native language: My dad...
because he brings me fruit.
He cooks my lunch,
makes me breakfast.
He prepares everything, all the food we eat.
He cares more about me than his work.
The thing I love the most is my laptop.
In Wikipedia, there are stories, history, math,
science, religion.
It has everything.
It is a giant library.
[birds chirping]
man: I love being me.
I love life.
It's all such fun.
man speaking native language: Myself, I'd have to say...
woman speaking native language: Placing my feet in wet sand.
It has to be wet.
woman: Grass, dirt...
dirty river smell.
Mm, the smell of a campfire that gets stuck in your hair.
man: Coated chicken baked in the oven
with seasonings.
man: What do I love the most?
you're looking at her.
man: I really love my family,
my brothers and sisters.
woman speaking native language: Being with my children.
And taking care of them.
man speaking native language: And now I'll introduce you
to the person I love most in the world.
girl speaking native language: Hello.
man: What do you love the most?
man: Women.
So much.
man: I love you, Uliya.
You are my only love.
You are my first love.
For me, love is all about you.
woman speaking native language: Do you love your husband?
woman #2: Yes, you have to.
man: I love my wife. I love my son.
I love my land.
I love my animals--
my dogs, my ferret, my chickens, my horses
in the background.
I love my life.
But what do I love the most?
I love my Lord, my heavenly Father,
my Creator, from whom all blessings flow.
man: I love doing about 150 miles an hour
down a motorway in a good car.
man #2: [giggles]
man: I love football.
I think football is the only sport
that bring people together.
woman speaking native language: I love...
cleaning something that's really dirty so you can see the result.
man: I actually love my refrigerator.
It's such a cool thing.
It remains at one corner.
It keeps its mouth shut.
I love my refrigerator.
Nothing else but my refrigerator.
man: What do you love?
man #2: Women.
man: What do you love?
man #3: Freedom.
man: What do you love?
man #4: Power. man: [laughs]
woman: I love the word "mamihlapinatapai."
It's from the Yaghan language,
which is now a dead language.
But it was spoken in Tierra del Fuego,
the very southernmost point of South America.
I've never heard the word said properly,
so I could be pronouncing it wrong.
But the meaning is quite beautiful.
It means that moment or feeling
when two people both want to initiate something,
but neither wants to be the one to start it.
It can be perhaps two tribal leaders
both wanting to make peace,
but neither wanting to be the one to begin it.
Or it could be two people at a party
wanting to approach each other
and neither quite brave enough to make the first move.
[birds calling]
Can hear the kookaburras now.
[line ringing]
man: Currently, I'm calling my mom
to ask her what I should say to Emily today.
[line ringing]
woman: Hello?
man: Do you have a second to talk to me?
woman: Sure.
man: Tonight I am hanging out with Emily.
woman: Okay. man: But I was planning
on telling her exactly how I feel about her.
And then I don't know.
So I was calling my mother to see--
what should I say to this woman?
[woman laughing]
I don't know. I just think that, you know--
just concentrate on the fact that, you know,
you have very, very high feelings of esteem for her,
that she's somebody that you've always admired.
man: "Esteem"? Is that the word I should use?
You think she'd like that?
woman: Yeah. Whatever.
man: I just don't know if that's--
woman: You hold her in very high regard.
man: Ok--I don't know if those--
woman: She's a special person in your life.
man: Okay. I'll try all that.
Hey. I am on the train now.
This is my friend Emily.
[romantic music]
Uh, hello, "Life In A Day."
I'm still with Emily, and we're still hanging out in Chicago.
Um, this is...
We--we just came out of this place, which was cool.
But, uh, I'm gonna leave this thing on
in case anything gets climactic.
man: Theresa, look at me.
Theresa: [scoffs]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[romantic music continues]
man: Well, so here's the deal.
Uh, I asked her if she wanted
to go on a romantic date with me sometime,
and she says, "No."
Just--just no.
That's really all she said.
Just "no."
She didn't want any of that.
Ever, possibly. Never, ever.
And so, uh...
Well, actually, I said,
"What about the possibility of a possibility?"
And she said-- She said no to that.
No possibility. None.
woman: Okay, let me say that it is meant
for women to kneel down.
For example, a woman is supposed to kneel down for a man.
man: Mm-hmm.
Do you want to show us how you do it?
woman: Yes.
man: So you greet Moses, like, traditionally.
[Moses speaking native language]
man: Wow. Wow.
Moses, how do you feel about it?
She comes, and she kneels down every day?
Moses: Yes, because I'm a man.
She has to respect.
woman: It's the culture.
[upbeat music]
[cheers and applause]
man singing: Wise men say
only fools rush in.
But I can't help
falling in love with you.
David: Hi, Grandma. It's David. How are you?
I'm good. I'm still-- Yeah, I'm in New York.
It's--Yeah, it's been really hot here, but I'm having fun.
Uh, anyway, I wanted to call you,
because, uh, you know my friend, uh, Nick, that I--
that you've met a lot...
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
He's a very nice boy.
Uh... Well, I wanted to tell you
that he's, um, not-- not just my friend.
He's--he's my boyfriend.
Um, and it's something that I've wanted to tell you for a while,
but I wasn't really sure how you would react,
so I was a little nervous to tell you.
I-I love you too.
I love you too.
And I'm hoping that--
that maybe you can love Nick too,
um, because he's really important to me,
so I'm hoping he can be really--
really important to you too.
Well, that-- that means a lot to me.
Yeah. Thank you.
I--Yeah, I love--
I love you too.
I do. Yeah.
Yeah, my parents know. Yes.
Well, Grandma, they call it being gay now.
You don't have to say "homosexual."
It's not--Yeah.
Yes, it's not a disease. Thank you.
man: Here, throw some cheese to those ducks.
Get closer to them. I'm taking a video, Sarah.
Sarah: They might bite me.
man: No, they won't bite. Ducks don't bite.
Come on. I'm making a video.
Walk on out into them. It'll be a good video.
man #2: Would you like me to take both of you?
man: Oh.
man #2: Take another picture of you?
man: Thank you.
man #2: Just tell me what do you want me to do.
man: Just...just...
man: So marriage truth number one--
uh, love is a battlefield.
Um, listen, you two are going to fight like hooded roosters.
Let's just get it out there. It's science.
You know, place any two animals in a contained area together,
um, you know, there will be awesome tenderness,
but also there will be blood.
Tristam: That is my pocket Walt Whitman.
He was surely one of the greatest poets that ever lived,
and if my babies can read Walt Whitman day and night
and learn from him, I'll be very happy.
After all, babies, he did say,
"I am August.
I do not trouble my soul to vindicate itself."
No, he didn't say "soul." He said, "I do not trouble..."
woman: That's enough, Tristam, you'll use up all the memory.
This is self-indulgent, and-- Please stop.
They need winding. Please stop, Tristam.
Tristam: "I do not trouble my spirit..."
woman: Stop being so selfish and putting yourself first.
Please, I've been looking after them all day.
Just stop it.
Tristam: "I do not trouble my soul to--
"I do not trouble my spirit
to vindicate itself or be understood."
woman: Okay, fine.
man: Ann and John are today renewing their vows
in the light of their 50 years experience of marriage.
Rather unusually, each of this special couple
has agreed to write the vows of the other.
That is, Ann has written John's vows,
and John has written Ann's.
man speaking native language: Pull, pull.
woman speaking native language: This one doesn't lift me up.
[man laughing]
woman speaking native language: There is a new one over here.
[man speaking native language]
man speaking native language: Oh, gosh.
You have to pull on this one.
Can you manage it?
woman speaking native language: Nope.
man: You have to pull using your dorsal muscles.
woman speaking native language: It won't budge.
[man speaking native language]
woman speaking native language: IT WON'T BUDGE.
man: John, it is necessary
to address one or two shortcomings
in, uh, the physical side of marriage.
Surely no one would argue
that there are certain physical demands
a wife can request of a husband,
and Ann asks you that you address these issues right now.
Do you agree to wash the windows inside and out?
man speaking native language: It's like at the gym.
You grab here,
you grip there,
and you position yourself with parallel feet
so you can use your dorsal muscles.
Then you pull.
[woman laughs]
woman speaking native language: Oh, really?
man: Ann, John asks if you will agree
to let him do that thing
you once told him you would let him do on his 40th birthday,
but still not have yet done.
So, Ann, in anticipation of your previous answer,
John says, "I suppose an occasional blow job is..."
woman: Are you trying every possible way?
I told you it won't move.
It won't move.
So, what was it you were saying?
man: Finally, in spite of men obviously being from Mars
and women from Venus,
do you both promise to love and treasure each other
and enjoy your lovely family life together
here at Appletree Cottage
for as long as you both shall live?
both: We do.
[clock ticking]
[dog snoring]
[clock cuckooing]
[timer dings]
man speaking native language: Hey, get up.
What are you doing?
[man speaking native language]
man speaking native language: So let's go.
Are we going?
Let's go.
[cat meows]
[P.A. announcement in native language]
[horn blares]
girl speaking native language: Helmet.
Good-bye, grandpa.
Climb up, skinny!
[man speaking native language]
[horns blowing]
[band playing lively song]
man speaking native language: Climb up, Virginia.
Go, go, slowly.
[man speaking native language]
[whimsical music]
man: Whoo!
[boy crying]
[cheers and applause]
[helicopter whirring]
man: Do the jerk. Please do the jerk.
By the end, I'm gonna try to get the commander
to do the jerk.
man #2: Aah!
man: Why you always got to stick your tongue out?
Punch Eason in the face right now.
man #3: Oh, my God!
man: That's the Rebel Alliance.
And there's the Empire.
Masood: Hi. This is my room.
And this is our garden.
So my name is Masood...
I live in Afghanistan, Kabul,
and I'm a news photographer.
Here is my house.
And he's my father, drinking tea.
My mother is praying.
Farid, my brother, is just--
again is staring in the refrigerator, as always.
Right now I'm in my car,
going to Kabul's old city, to take some pictures.
Sometimes I like to just walk around there
looking for a good shot.
These are like my two babies.
I carry them everywhere.
[woman speaking native language]
[Masood speaking native language]
woman: Here I am by myself,
because my husband is
a half a world away,
going to work, fighting for us.
What shirt should I wear?
Which one do you think will Phil like better?
Hmm? Which one do you think?
That one? Is that one the best?
Masood: Here is the market in the old city.
Most foreigners think that it is dangerous
to walk around the streets of Kabul,
but as you can see, there is no danger...
for us, anyway.
woman: Waiting game.
Waiting game.
[birds chirping]
Masood: So this is a street
that's normally selling birds like this.
They call them lovebirds
because they are always kissing each other.
Sharon: Oh.
Where are you?
Phil: Hi, Sharon.
Sharon: Hi!
Phil: Hi. Sharon: How's it goin'?
Can you see me?
Phil: Yeah. You did get all dressed up, didn't you?
Sharon: Yes. Of course. It's our date night.
[children chattering]
Masood: Afghanistan comes--
the name of my country comes with the conflict, war,
suicide attack, and all the negative points
that we--I mean hear and listen in the news.
But there is another side of Afghanistan
that you don't normally see.
These girls make me feel optimistic
about the future of my country.
Phil: I love you.
Sharon: I love you too. Stay safe.
Phil: I will, honey. You too, okay?
Sharon: Okay.
Phil: Bye. Sharon: Bye.
man speaking native language: It's not easy
to explain motivation.
Can I do something to reunite Korea?
It looks impossible. It looks out of my hands.
But impossible is possible.
Bobby: Dad, do you see my war?
Oh, and the red is bad,
the white is good of the helmets.
[imitates gunfire]
man: Oh, it's not so bad. Cathy: No?
Is there something that's bleeding under my arm?
Let's see if we can just get this.
man: Ew. Cathy: Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, what is it? [man chuckling]
Cathy: What is it?
man: Looks like some kind of--
Cathy: Did that come out of your hair?
man: No, it was on my bag. It's a ladybug.
Cathy: Oh.
girl: Any kind of monster or ghosts
or a witch.
boy: Zombies.
man: What do zombies do?
Okay. You do a great zombie.
girl speaking native language: Snakes and ghosts.
[man speaking native language]
man speaking native language: When I come to work at 1:00 A.M.
and I hear little noises here and there.
That scares me a little.
woman: I have a fear of dogs.
woman speaking native language: Cats.
man speaking native language: Rats.
boy speaking native language: Lions.
woman: Wasps.
woman: Spiders.
girl: I fear... robbers...
girl: I fear growing up.
man: I'm afraid of losing this place.
woman speaking native language: Cultures I don't understand.
man speaking native language: I am scared of Allah,
nothing else.
woman speaking native language: I fear nothing.
[woman #2 speaking native language]
woman speaking native language: God only.
girl: I'm afraid for all the people that don't know God.
People who don't get saved are going to hell.
man: I afraid of homosexuality.
Homosexuality is like...
is like disease, and I'm afraid of disease.
man: I stay in my room, and all I can think about
is whether in a couple of years someone else is gonna live here,
someone who is not Israeli, maybe...
maybe someone Palestinian.
man: I guess politics scares me more than anything.
I wonder if we're gonna get in another war.
man speaking native language: When I leave home
in the morning, I'm not sure if I'll return home safely.
No Afghans expect to return home safely.
woman speaking native language: Time is passing,
and I don't have a boy or girl
and no one will ever call me "mummy."
man: One of the things I fear more than anything right now
is that my hair's starting to fall out.
woman: This is me.
This is what I'm afraid of.
woman: That my husband will leave me for another wife
because of a lack of you know what.
child speaking native language: Divorce.
Divorce. How awful!
woman: I fear loneliness.
man: Not waking up one morning...
and nobody finding you for a week.
That'd be interesting.
woman: Losing someone you love.
That's why I find it very hard
to really, really connect with someone.
Because, what do you do when they're gone?
girl: Because what if God isn't real?
I believe in Him, but what if God isn't real?
And we're just going to lie in the ground, dead forever?
woman: And that's what I'm afraid of,
being in this grave.
Life is so freakin' short, you know?
man: Dying, I guess.
[animal bells ringing]
[thunder rumbling]
[dog growling]
[man speaking native language]
man: The dogs are frightened of thunder.
man speaking native language: Yeah, they're scared.
man: Vasya, we need to find some fireworks somewhere.
Because in autumn, wolves will come.
man: We need to hurry home. It's going to rain!
all: 3...2...1...
man: Welcome to The Love Parade.
[electronic music playing]
woman speaking native language: Look ahead!
[overlapping shouting]
man speaking native language: Unreal. Unreal.
Look at the side. What are they doing there?
Look at the fighting there.
We can't get out.
man speaking native language: Not normal, bruv.
[overlapping shouting]
[sirens blaring]
man speaking native language: Dickhead.
man: I don't want to move out of the way.
man speaking native language: Stop this shit!
[overlapping shouting]
man: A tunnel has become a death trap.
At least 18 people were kicked or crushed to death
in a stampede during The Love Parade in Duisburg.
woman: Many of the hundreds of thousands of revelers
were unaware of the tragedy unfolding.
[uneasy musical buildup]
man singing: I want to drink
from the greatest water.
I want to have all the things I ought to.
I just want to know that
I feel strong, you know.
I want to reach the golden fountain,
beat everyone without all the doubting.
I just want to know that
I feel strong, you know.
And clouds really should be white at least,
and oceans should be there at the beach.
And who needs books when we've got speech?
And who knows what's in store for raw love?
Life, a penny at a time.
Oh, love, life a penny at a time.
Love, life a penny at a time.
Oh, love.
[fireworks whistling, popping]
man speaking native language: When I close my eyes,
I can see all different people in the world
from town to town, from country to country.
I can feel it, I can touch it, I can see it.
I feel like born again because of my haircut.
It's time to continue my journey.
man: Who do you love?
Cathy: My silly boys, the Bobby-ells.
Okay. What do you fear?
man: Well, I guess...
I'm fearless now.
I guess my fear was that you'd get cancer,
and you did.
That you'd get it again, I mean.
And you did. But it's over with.
So I'm fearless.
[haunting music]
[overlapping chatter]
[thunder rumbling]
woman: July 24, 2010.
It's nearly midnight now,
and I'm running out of time to make this.
I worked all day long, on a Saturday--yeah, I know.
The sad part is...
I spent all day long hoping for something amazing to happen,
something great, something to appreciate this day
and to be a part of it and to...
show the world that there's something great
that can happen every day of your life,
in everyone's life.
But the truth is, it doesn't always happen.
And for me, today...
all day long, nothing really happened.
I want people to know that I'm here.
I don't want to cease to exist.
[thunder rumbling]
I'm not gonna sit here and tell you
that I'm this great person, because...
I don't think I am... at all.
I think I'm a normal girl,
normal life.
Not interesting enough...
to know anything about.
But I want to be.
And today...
even though...
even though nothing great really happened,
tonight I feel as if something great happened.
[thunder rumbling]
[water dripping rhythmically]
man singing: I want to drink
from the clearest water.
I want to eat the things I ought to.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
I want to reach the greatest mountain.
Climb, if I want, without all the shouting.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
And clouds really should be white at least,
and oceans should meet us at the beach,
and I don't want to overreach
When I know what's in store, raw love.
Life, a day at a time, my love.
Life a day at a time, don't know.
Life in a day and life in a day
and life in a day and life in a day...
I want to drink from the clearest water.
I want to eat the things I ought to.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
I want to reach the greatest mountain.
Climb, if I want, without all the shouting.
I just want to know
that I feel strong, you know.
And clouds really should be white at least,
and oceans should meet us at the beach,
and I don't want to overreach
when I know what's in store...
[instrumental and chorus]
[rhythmic dripping, haunting melody continues]


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