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Hi, I'm Jason from ADLINK Technology
I'm the business development director for
the smart manufacturing
Today we're here to showcase our
connecting the unconnected technologies
In the industry, there're about 92%
of the factory machines unconnected
The reason is because of the
very fragmented technologies
Today we're here to showcase you
one of the technologies of
how extract PC based machines
So over here, we have
a display displaying the
machine status which is showing on
the VGA display so we make use of
our VCN to transport all these information
into another system, which is our gateaway
which has the OCR capabilities
So you can see that over here
we actually capture the image
and one data over here is
to capture and process
So we are process the video signal
into a digital form and
this digital form data will push to
the top front SCADA of the cloud
So this is one of the example
So you'll be ableto see that
all the data that is on the machine
is now pushed to the cloud
with information that you need
Now this is actually the
brownfield technology
I'm going to showcase you
another technology in the green field
So over here we're showing case
ADLINK technologies on how we
are able to integrate our total solution
for smart manufacturing
We make use of our EtherCAT solution
We're able to control the motors
At the same time,
with all the sensor information
we're able to control the tower light
and also all the sensor's input
And we also make use of our
smart camera, which is able to do
in our online data
capturing OCR images
At the same time,
we also have a USB DAQ,
which is able to monitor the tension
of the conveyor belt
And all these information will now
be integrated and captured by
our IoT gateway
and pushed up to the SCADA
of the top floor,
which you can see that
you can monitor in real time
And we also have our tablet solution,
which is able to allow
operators and managers
to easily look at the data at real time
Thank you


ADLINK Connecting the unconnected solution in smart manufacturing @Automation World

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