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I started dancing 70 years ago, that's right. 7 decades as everybody says.
Everybody thinks that ballet is a very short career and I really thought that I was going
to be finished in my 20's.
And so now it seems amazing that I am still dancing at 77.
Apparently people think I'm unusual.
I love children and I love them to enjoy ballet and I know some of them will not continue
forever but I think ballet teaches more than just dance. It teaches them respect for each
For Mrs. Poole to teach us it looks like it's so easy but it really isn't.
Well like, she's just like a great dancer and someone that I can look up to. And someone
that I want to be like when I'm older.
No matter how young or old you are you can still, you know, do the things that you love.
She has been dancing for so long and she really inspires me.
In London during the war, we always went to the ballet and I always loved it. And I really
wasn't very talented or the right build or anything, the main thing is I had wonderful
Ballet is my life, my husband was my life, but I don't have him, but he always encouraged
me, he always thought I was a good dancer and it always been ballet. That's been my main now.
I provide entertainment for them because they can't go out. I think they relate to me
because I'm probably older than a lot of those people.
I like doing it and I also try to take children along.
I hope I give the message to the children, life is too short not to do what you want
to do.
Whether it's painting, or ballet or yoga, whatever they really love to do. It's never
too late. So start doing what you love doing now.


77歳の現役バレエダンサーの教えとは(The 77 Year Old Ballet Dancer Sharing Seven Decades Of Experience | Amazing Humans)

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