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Come on Stewie you know you cant leave the table till you finish your vegetables.
Well then I will sit here till one of us expires, and you've got a good 40 years on me women.
Sweetie its broccoli its good for you, now open up for the air plane (air plane noises)
NEVER dame the broccoli, dame you, and dame the write brothers
my aren't we fussy tonight, okay no broccoli very well then.... who the hell do you think
you are ? honey its going to go away just because you
don't like it well then my goal becomes clear.... the broccoli
must die
So broccoli mother says you're very good for me, well I'm afraid I'm no good for you!
The first rule of war is "know thy enemy" and I know this, cold kills broccoli.
Its so simple all I need to do is build a machine to control the global environment
forecast of tomorrow: a few sprinkles of genius with a chance of DOOM
Excellent the weather machine is nearly completed what do you say to that broccoli?
What's this?
It appears the whittles provider has finally brought me something of value
I can use that crude devise to amplify my deadly signal
Victory shall yet be mine
Stewie I expect you to finish off your vegetables
Oh rest assured you relentless harridan I expect I shall finish them all off
and you as well
Top of the morning everybody
Excellent, thus completes the penultimate adjustment to my weather control devise victory is mi...ah
release me at once
guys your mothers right it'd be a crime to just sit around and wait for the TV to start working
great you can teach me how to drive
meg there will be plenty of time to drive when youre dead. look theres a big world out there
just waiting for us to grab it by the short hair, lets go
Fare thee well broccoli
victory is mine
(screams of worry)
I know you don't like broccoli stewie but youll thank me when you grow up big and strong
like your father
Ah compelling argument you've swayed me women
mmmmmm oh that is good mm oh I feel stronger already
oh its good tasting and good for you mmm
nice try


Stewie Griffin vs Broccoli - Family Guy

205 タグ追加 保存
Jin Wang 2017 年 12 月 29 日 に公開
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