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  • [MUSIC]


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Pool is a huge part of our lives. Everybody in our family plays. Our

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:プールは私たちの生活の巨大な部分です。私たちの家族の誰もが果たしています。私たちの

  • pool table takes up the biggest room in the house and we have a storage unit that's full


  • of furniture that we don't use because we don't have room for it .


  • [CHEERS]


  • GRANDFATHER: We get together every week to shoot pool. My dad shot pool his whole life,


  • her dad shot pool. All three of our kids got into it and now our grandson.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I would play 100, 200, 300 racks of 9-Ball every day. Junior...I just

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:毎日100、200、300ラックの9ボールをプレイしていました。ジュニア...私はただ

  • put him in the highchair and he would be one hand with the Cheerios and the other hand


  • with the sippy cup and he'd watch me play pool all day.


  • COURTNEY O'DELL: That was his form of watching the baby while I was at work.

    COURTNEY O'DELL: それは、私が仕事中に赤ちゃんを見ていた時の彼の姿でした。

  • [LAUGHS]


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.:This pool table here is the original and very old Keith Jr. pool table.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:こちらのプールテーブルは、オリジナルでとても古いKeith Jr.のプールテーブルです。

  • And this kid started making shots and pocketing balls like you would not believe.


  • [MUSIC]


  • GRANDFATHER: The game's about physics and geometry basically.

    祖父: このゲームは基本的に物理学と幾何学のゲームです。

  • GRANDMOTHER: You either see the shot or you don't.

    孫: 撃たれたのを見るか見ないかのどちらかですね。

  • GRANDFATHER: You need to be able to see the angles on the table. You need to be able to

    GRANDFATHER: テーブルの上の角度を見ることができるようにする必要があります。あなたができるようにする必要があります

  • tell how hard to hit it and how fast the ball is going to move after you hit it.


  • GRANDMOTHER: And for such a young little boy, he can do it.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I put this video up on YouTube and it was picked up by a local news station.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:この動画をYouTubeにアップしたら、地元のニュースステーションで取り上げられました。

  • COURTNEY O'DELL: It went up. The news station came out the next day and filmed.

    COURTNEY O'DELL: 上昇しました。次の日に報道ステーションが出てきて撮影しました。

  • COURNEY O'DELL: Pool is much more of a daddy Keith thing.

    COURNEY O'DELL: プールはもっとパパ・キースのことを。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: What's the matter? Your pants coming down?

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:どうしたの?あなたのズボンが降りてくる?

  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: Yeah.

    KEITH O'DELL JR.:うん。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I'll help ya. Just slow it down a little, okay? 1, 2, 3.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.: I'll help ya.少しゆっくりしてください、大丈夫ですか?1, 2, 3.

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: What didn't you do?

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:何をしなかったの?

  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: Didn't do 1, 2, 3.

    KEITH O'DELL JR.: Didn't to 1, 2, 3.

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: 1, 2, 3 and you have to hit it harder to get into the pocket, right?

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:1,2,3で、ポケットに入るには強く打たないといけないんですよね?

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I try to get him focused. Slow down. Concentrate. Me and Keith since

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:彼に集中してもらおうとする。スローダウンします。集中してください。私とキース以来

  • he's been 2 years old we've been playing pool together. And my job is to keep him going.


  • Keep it fun, keep it interesting.


  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: Hey, remember that one that I keep shooting to hit the four balls?

    KEITH O'DELL JR.: ねえ、私が四球を打つために打ち続けているあれを覚えていますか?

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Yeah.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:うん。

  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: I like that.

    KEITH O'DELL JR.:いいですね。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I saw that Keith Jr. had this talent and I saw that there was money

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:キースJr.がこの才能を持っていたのを見て、お金があるのを見ました。

  • to be made here. And college these days is really really expensive and I want Keith to


  • go to college and I believe he should. It's really important to me to utilize the talent


  • that he's been given and do something positive with it. Helping a cue company sell cues or


  • a piece of chalk, that could put him through college.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Almost. You're getting there. Easy.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:ほぼ。You're getting there.簡単に。

  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: I wanna go play.

    KEITH O'DELL JR.:遊びに行きたい。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: He's 5 so sometimes he gets frustrated.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.: 彼は5歳なので、たまにイライラすることがあります。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Take a break. Take a break.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:一休み。休憩を取る。

  • COURTNEY: Whether Keith wants to play pool for the rest of his life or not, we will support


  • him in anything he wants to do.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: If you can see this ball doesn't really go in there very easily and

    KEITH O'DELL SR.: あなたはこのボールを見ることができる場合は、このボールは本当に非常に簡単にそこに行くことはありません。

  • he jumps it um..from about 5 feet away. It's definitely one of the hardest shots in the


  • world. There's a professional pool played named Mike Massey who used to use a cowboy

    の世界。プロのプールがあります マイク・マッシーという名前でプレイしました 誰がカウボーイを使用していましたか?

  • boot with a big it was a huge deal that he made that. And we have our


  • 5-year-old making a ball in a shoe that is like 6 times smaller.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Go ahead. Go ahead. Woah. [Laughs]

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:先に行ってください。先に行く。ワオ.[笑]

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: I'm gonna wait until he's 8 or 9 until I allow him to compete. He needs

    KEITH O'DELL SR.: 私は彼が8歳か9歳になるまで待つつもりです。彼が必要としているのは

  • time to enjoy the game and then he can decide whether if he wants to be competitive or not.


  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: You're almost there. Get it.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.それを取得します。

  • FAMILY: Woah!

    FAMILY: Woah!

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: There's no question. Keith was born to play pool.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:疑問はありません。キースはプールをするために生まれてきました。

  • KEITH O'DELL SR.: Get it.

    KEITH O'DELL SR.:ゲット。



  • KEITH O'DELL JR.: I made it in the shoe!

    KEITH O'DELL JR.:靴の中で作ってみました!

  • KIETH O'DELL SR.: A little bit of work on the table could change his entire life.

    KIETH O'DELL SR.:テーブルの上でのちょっとした作業が、彼の人生を大きく変えてしまうかもしれない。



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