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It's-a me, Mario!
It's-a me, Mario!
Woo-hoo, let's-a go!
Okey dokey!
Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!
I've been the voice of Mario for 26 years.
[Interviewer] Now moving on to Luigi.
Now moving on to Luigi, oh.
Hi, I'm Charles Martinet.
I do the voice of Super Mario, here we go, woo hoo!
And Luigi too, Luigi number one, ho ho!
And Wario, have a rotten day.
You gonna eat that garlic?
And I was even Donkey Kong at one point.
Oh hoo hoo!
I am an actor and voice actor.
I did gosh, 25 years of theater;
Run along to your party!
corporate videos;
Circuitry and semi-conductor processes.
a few film and television products;
Now beat it all of ya, now!
and then I had the marvelous beginning of becoming a voice actor, and that's how I started with the it’s-a me, Mario!
Mario was first created in 1981 in a game called Donkey Kong.
As it got refined through the years, it became Mario and Princess Peach.
Ah, the Princess!
And I came along in 1990.
I actually crashed to the audition because I was catching them as I walked in they were walking out finished for the day.
And I said, "Can I read for this?", and the guy looked at his watch and he goes, "Ugh, alright, come on in."
"You're an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, a character in a video game for Nintendo called Mario. So make up a voice, make up a video game, start talking."
And I thought to myself, video game?
I don't know anything about video games.
And all of a sudden I hear action, I go "Hello, I’m-a Mario. Let's make a pizza pie together."
"You go get some-a sausage, I’m-a go get some spaghetti, we put spaghetti and-a sausage in the pizza."
And he said, you know, "Cut. Stop talking, there's no more tape. Alright thanks, we'll be in touch."
And I thought that was, you know, okay there's the door, we'll see ya later.
And he calls Nintendo, "I found a Mario, I got him."
And that was 26 amazing fantastic years ago.
Oh, look at this world.
The character for me brings out the best in me and so I love that.
Bling bling bling!
I love sharing things, too.
I go to meet Mario fans and I hear the most wonderful thing, you know, you're the voice of my childhood or I used to play with my dad, now I'm playing with my kids.
It's a way our family comes together.
Ya ya ya ya ya, ha!
Ah, pretty good!
Ah, this brings back the memories.
Mama Mia!
You just have fun, you know?
That's my mantra for life.
Come on, let's-a go!
Let's have more fun!
Bye bye, see you in my gameses.



絶対聞いたことのあるマリオの声優、チャールズ・マーティネーに会う ('It’s-a Me, Mario!')

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