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  • I'm a very interesting and intelligent man

  • and this

  • is brad

  • who as you may have noticed is a horse

  • today

  • fred and I are going to be helping you to improve your English

  • I been youve never been taught by by a horse before

  • hungry isn't it

  • In fact he eats all the time

  • He eats like a horseof course, he is a horse

  • in English

  • if someone eats a lot

  • we can say that he eats like a horse

  • too

  • eat

  • like a horse

  • to eat a lot

  • What’s that you say Fred?

  • Anyway I heard it straight from the horse's mouth

  • we use this idiom when we've got some information directly from the person

  • responsible for it. For example

  • my boss is going to fire me

  • yes it's true, I've heard it straight from the horse's mouth

  • it means my boss told me directly

  • i didn't hear it from anyone else

  • Sad news I’m afraid

  • Fred's died

  • Which means there’s no point in trying to get him to work anymore

  • and how do we get a horse to work?

  • that's right

  • by hitting it

  • or as we say

  • Flogging it

  • Our next horse idiom

  • to flog a dead pulls which as you can see is completely pointless

  • to

  • flog

  • a dead

  • horse

  • this means

  • to waste effort at something that we have no chance of succeeding at

  • i sometimes feel like i'm flogging a dead horse when i'm teaching

  • my students

  • they never seem to learn, I don’t quite understand what the problem is

  • Very frustrating

I'm a very interesting and intelligent man


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馬のイディオム - BBC Learning English (Horse Idioms - BBC Learning English)

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