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  • Replicant

  • Hmm...

  • Smeat

  • Hi, stranger

  • Rough day, was it?

  • You didn't see a guy run through here with blond hair did you?

  • He's a Replicant

  • A Replicant in a noodle shop?

  • They're allergic to noodles, aren't they?

  • Their heads or brains or whatever explode, don't they?

  • Yeah that's true, isn't it?

  • Let's eat noodles, shall we?

  • Seems like a good day for it!

  • You don't want noodles here, do you, Blade Runner?

  • They're older than you

  • I've eaten worse.

  • Can't be worse than Smeat, can it?

  • Mmm

  • I'm a customer, aren't I?

  • You know you're more than just a customer, Blade Runner

  • Listen, if you fell in love with a Replicant, You wouldn't retire her, would you?

  • Fall in love with a Replicant?

  • You know I've only got eyes for you, don't you?

  • But you couldn't though, could you?

  • Honestly, I don't know

  • But I think you could, couldn't you?

  • That's the law.



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