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  • Left 4 Dead 3 rumors surface, Wolfenstein: the new order delayed, Ubisoft admits there

  • WILL be an end to Assassin's Creed, and more! Hey guys, Jess here with the Curse Weekly

  • Roundup!

  • Well, first up the biggest news for the week was rumors of Left 4 Dead 3. On Tuesday a

  • screenshot surfaced of the European Steam store, showing a search for left 4 dead, with

  • Left 4 Dead 3 showing up in the drop-down menu, with a price of 39.99 euro, but no image.

  • That same day, CyborgMatt and other sources began reporting that a group from the Dota

  • 2 subreddit that went on a tour of Valve's offices allegedly snapped a photo of one of

  • the dev's monitors. The photo shows a line of a changelog that reads "Restored L4D3's

  • devtest unit test, ran locally 6 times without an assert...." and then the beginning of another

  • sentence that cuts off. So, what do you guys think? Did Valve learn to count to 3? And

  • was this really a leak or was this Valve's way of announcing Left 4 Dead 3 without actually

  • announcing it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

  • Next, Wolfenstein: The New Order, previously announced for release this year, has been

  • delayed. The news was announced late last week at QuakeCon, with Bethesda saying that

  • they felt the game needed some additional time for polish. Which really is a good thing

  • - better late and ready than early and unfinished right?

  • Moving on, following last Friday's reveal of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Ubisoft

  • revealed that, contrary to what many have been assuming, the series WILL come to an

  • end eventually. Assassin's Creed has come to be known as a series that churns out a

  • sequel every single year - but supposedly there is actually an overall arc. They've

  • left room for additional storylines, depending on what fans want, but there IS an end. What

  • do you guys think - keep the yearly installments coming, or are you kinda sick of the series?

  • Let me know in the comments?

  • Next up, Saints Row IV has been cleared for release in Australia - but with a rating of

  • MA15+. So, sure it's a good thign that the game will get released there at all, what

  • with their strict censorship laws. But these laws dictate that the game must be modified

  • before release in Australia. Deep Silver claims that approximately 20 minutes of gameplay

  • have been cut, out of an optional side quest that has no impact on storyline - so, better

  • than not getting the game at all! Grand Theft Auto 5, on the other hand, just received a

  • rating of R18+, a rating that didn't exist in Australia until earlier this year - which

  • means that GTA5 does NOT have to get edited at all to be released down under!

  • Moving on, Curse is heading to Ti3 this weekend! We'll actually already be in Seattle by the

  • time this video airs, so if you're roaming around Benaroya Hall watching some Dota matches,

  • be sure to stop me and say hi!

  • Finally, the latest IRL video featuring James and me is up! We got to be all Bioshock Infinite

  • and zip around on Skyhooks (well, ziplines really) over on Catalina Island off the coast

  • of Southern California. It was SO much fun, and we'll link the video in the description

  • so you can watch it for yourself! Well, that's all we have for you this week,

  • but as always be sure to subscribe if you haven't already, and give this video a thumbs

  • up for gaming news! And click over here to the side to watch our other videos! Thanks

  • for watching, enjoy the game.

Left 4 Dead 3 rumors surface, Wolfenstein: the new order delayed, Ubisoft admits there


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