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  • You've always been...

  • you said you started when you were 12.

  • Even a 12, I mean, when you're writing songs...

  • Have you always just been this honest

  • since you were just a little girl?

  • You just say what's on your mind?

  • With music, that's where I can say whatever.

  • I mean, I remember like when I was in school,

  • the whole reason I started writing songs is because

  • I was alone a lot of the time.

  • And you know, I would sit there in school

  • and I'd be hearing people like,

  • "Oh my god, it's the party we're going to

  • and it's so awesome on Friday.

  • Everyone's invited except for her over there."

  • You know, like,

  • And I just wouldn't be invited to stuff.

  • And I would sit there and I'd be like,

  • It's ok 'Cause I can write a song about this later.

  • Here I am at 20 and I'm still saying that

  • when I go through tough times.

  • So it's like, you know, that it's worked out.

You've always been...


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