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  • Hi, I'm Brielle!

  • Today, I'm at the Build-A-Bear store.

  • Let me tell you what kind of fish this is.

  • It's a Blue Tang.

  • Blue Tangs like to eat algae from the rocks and coral.

  • This doesn't sound so good to me.

  • This diet is not only for the fish.

  • It's for the health of the reefs.

  • It keeps the algae from overthrowing and suffocating the coral.

  • This is Nemo. Let me tell you 'bout Nemo.

  • He is a Clown Fish!

  • You remember how Clown Fish protect themselves

  • from poison tantacle?

  • They protect themselves with a layer of sticky stuff.

  • It's actually spit.

  • Ew!

  • Brielle, are you excited?

  • Yes!

  • Cool! This is a special box.

  • It has Dory's voice on it. - Hello there! Do you know me?

  • Hello there! - Hello there!

  • What else does she say?

  • -Hi, I'm Dory. -Hi, I'm Dory!

  • -You know I speak Whale. -You know I speak Whale.

  • I speak Whale, too.

  • Hello. My name's Brielle!

  • Are we ready to stuff her?

  • You're gonna help me by stepping on that paddle.

  • Here we go!

  • Which heart do you like?

  • I like both!

  • So we're gonna get those hearts ready before we put them inside.

  • Okay?

  • Close your eyes and make a big special wish.

  • Give those hearts a big kiss.

  • Suzette, can I tell you what the heart does?

  • Of course you can.

  • Laughing gets your heart pumping which improves cardiovascular health.

  • Wow.

  • We need a smell!

  • I think Dory wants to smell like strawberries and blueberries!

  • I think she does too.

  • Did you smell it?

  • Duhhhlicious!

  • I wonder if all fish smell like fruits.

  • What's next?

  • We're gonna name her over the computers.

  • What do you want to name your fish?

  • Speak Whale!

  • Speak Whale! That's a great name.

  • Perfect.

  • There you go. Now we have to take a picture.

  • Thank you, Ellen!

  • Bye!

Hi, I'm Brielle!


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ブリエルは新しい友人を見つける (Brielle Finds a New Friend)

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