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hello and welcome back to real English with real teachers with myself Charlie and
Harry how you doing really good really good Chas how you doing today I'm very
well thank you I'm ready to learn some phrasal verbs in
stories me too yeah English is absolutely full of
phrasal verbs we think that you need to know as many of them as possible so that
you can get by in English welcome to real English with real teachers with Harry and Charlie
Charlie before we before we get going are you really going to record a video
like this don't you think you look a bit bit scruffy what oh do you think I need to
go spruce up I think yeah I think you should spruce up look at me I'm wearing
a nice shirt and you're just looking a bit looking a bit shabby is that to your
satisfaction sir have I spruced up enough now that's a lot better that's a
lot better so Charlie has spruced up to spruce up that's a nice one isn't it Charlie what
does that mean it means to get neater or to improve your appearance so if you are
looking a little bit worse for wear or a little bit less impressive than you
should then you can say oop I need to spruce up and go put a shirt on
maybe if you're going to a wedding or if you're recording a YouTube video and you
want people to look at you and think oh Charlie looks nice and formal then you
need to spruce up I hope they look at me thinking he looks nice and formal for my
YouTube video you do you look nice maybe I should do my top button up
spruce up a bit Oh so it's top button even more spruced up I yeah I think it
is I think it is so Charlie you know I've started
going to gym again oh yeah yeah well I am I'm being really careful not to
injure myself but I am trying to bulk up a bit because I I I'm aware that I look
quite weedy especially in t-shirts and I want to fill out the the sleeves a bit
more so I'm really looking to bulk up you want to bulk up okay so you're
thinking at the moment you look too thin too thin and you need to get big exactly yeah
okay and if I was to eat lots of cake would I be bulking up hmm
no you'd be putting on fat so you wouldn't be bulking up because when you
bulk up you're putting on muscle so I don't know what would we say if you're eating
lots of cakes what expression could we use for that don't be such a
fatty I think you're you're piling on the pounds
- yeah that's it exactly yeah I don't I don't want to pile on the pounds
I want to I want to bulk up but also if I if I didn't want to bulk up I just
wanted to look more toned and have more muscle definition what could I say
then I want to get ripped I want to look ripped is that what you mean yeah I
want to get ripped yeah or to tone up I want to tone up so when you are fully
bulked up and you're a meathead do you think that you'll be able to fool around
with a lot more women you never know yeah not all girls are shallow and
they're looking for big meatheads to fool around with umm but it's possible
that my I'll have a better better sex life when I've bulked up what do
you think perhaps perhaps yeah I don't know have you got the have you
got the moves though because along with the looks you've got to have the moves
so I don't know when you were when you were younger and you were learning how
to how to flirt were you able to score to be honest I've never really had the
moves but I've got the moobs and that's why I'm hitting the gym
moobs being man boobs moobs so this this meaning of fall around is to engage in
some kind of naughty sexual activity with with someone of the opposite sex or
or someone of the same sex depending on your preferences did you did you fall
around much when you're at school Charlie ah so you're meaning fooling around in
misbehaving not being a good child yes did you mess around did you waste time in
lessons not concentrating I imagine you were a you're a goody two-shoes
you're actually on the money there I I was a goody two-shoes I did not fool
around much I was a bit too scared to fool around but I was with friends who
did fool around a lot in the non-sexual meaning they would
misbehave and I would stand there being good but pretending to be the friend
that is also misbehaving so you were like the innocent bystander just
observing the naughtiness yes exactly that I like I like the phrase as
well you're on the money to be on the money that's quite nice it means
like when when another person has said something correct and you want to say
yeah that's exactly it you've hit the nail on the head you can
say you're on the money you're just right
I was actually quite a naughty kid myself and I was fooling around a lot and
to the point where I wasn't really learning
much I didn't want to take up new things so now that I'm older I really
want to take up these new things like I've just taken up the guitar ahh you've
taken up the guitar so you've picked it up well yeah I have picked it up
yeah but I've started playing the guitar I've started occupying my time by doing
it so it's when you when you start a new hobby okay so can I say I've taken up
the coffee mug no you could say I've taken up coffee bean picking that
that's a hobby you know in like in the jungles in in Brazil or something maybe
you go there and you go coffee bean picking do you pick coffee beans yeah yeah
I mean I suppose you do I mean that's a very it's a bit of a bizarre hobby but I think
it would be quite an interesting one it's more exotic than taking up the
guitar certainly is certainly is yes I've recently taken up learning German that's
a good example isn't it to take up a new language yeah yeah and so you could say
take up learning German could you also say I've taken up German yeah I've taken
up german I've taken up
Japanese I've taken up arts and crafts
my dad's recently taken up art actually as you saw in the last live lesson we did he's taken up drawing
all sorts of interesting things I like that phrase as well all sorts of something
mmm yeah like a variety all varieties of art
yeah so your father's just taken up art and you have taken up a bit more travel this
year haven't you you're excited to go somewhere
I am yeah with you actually yeah with me me yeah where are we going
we're going to Pisa in Italy and I believe if Charlie has the guts we're
going to hire scooters and go on an adventure on these vespas on the
Italian scooters over to a seaside town I've got I've got guts I've guts what you talking
about Harry I know I know you've got guts but Charlie one thing we're gonna have
to do is maybe take some Italian lessons like before we go to brush up on on our
Italian don't you think yeah I mean I've actually been trying to brush up on my
Italian but your Spanish could come in handy couldn't it
yeah yeah it could come in handy yeah apparently there's like 80% lexical similarity
between Italian and Spanish so it could definitely be really useful but
apparently there's loads of false friends so I could try and say something but it has a
totally different meaning so it could be quite confusing but yeah we're gonna
have to brush up on those Italian skills aren't we how are your lessons going
the the lady that I started with actually moved away and changed jobs I
think or she just said that yeah she went into early retirement yeah yeah exactly
so I can't brush up on my Italian there but we should just clarify that brushing
up on something is improving an already existing skill so for me I'm not there
yet so I can't really say that I'm brushing up on my Italian I could say
I'm brushing up on my Spanish to go to Spain next year I have a tiny level of
Spanish but my Italian is a little bit non-existent yeah it's true yeah and you
could use it with other things not just with languages
lets say golf I haven't played golf in donkeys years but if I was to play
I would definitely have to brush up on my swing because god it's been so long
since I last played okay okay yeah you have to dust the cobwebs off yes yeah dust the cobwebs off
my old my granddad's old clubs yeah meaning the spiders webs
so Harry would have to brush up on his golf if he had a meeting
with an important person in a company and they had a golf day if you were to
have a day out with an important person to impress them on the golf course would
you would you prepare yourself in any other way I'd certainly spruce up and
if I were a woman I'd probably slap on some makeup
you don't slap on makeup being a man I don't I don't I know you do occasionally
for YouTube and for Stacey do you and Stacey still have those umm those strange
evenings where you put on makeup and parade up and down in front of the
mirror in her dress you know what I'm speechless don't know what to say to you thought you
weren't going to come out with this on camera umm no we we don't
slap on any makeup on Charlie's Charlie's gob any more
those days are past yeah those days are over have you taken up some some new some new
hobbies as I said every Thursday but if you are slapping on makeup Charlie is it
does that suggest you may be doing it carefully you are not you're doing it
very quickly for example if we are running late then I can say to Stacey
don't do it here slap on some makeup in the car
yeah you see so many girls driving around in this country anyway slapping
on makeup in the mirror it's ridiculous yeah they should actually have a law
shouldn't they they've brought a law in for phones maybe they do it's anything
that's distracting your hands I believe so yeah
but yeah so a message to everyone don't don't slap on makeup when you're driving
danger oh can we can we use slap on with just makeup
um not no we can use in other things as well if it we use it with liquids and
when it when we apply liquids to a surface be it our face or a wall or
something so if my walls needed a lick of paint a little bit of paint
what could I what could you say to me Charlie you could say I need
to slap some paint on the wall yeah say and I need to slap another coat on
quickly mmm yeah that's nice so you actually use
an object there as well slap another coat of paint on the wall oh my god the
other yesterday Charlie I went for a really long bike ride it was really hot it was piping hot
and I forgot to slap on any sun tan lotion so I'm really burnt and my arms are super
burned and my face is too and I'm yeah it hurts a little bit ouch so you should
have slapped on some sun cream and slap is actually probably coming from like
the action of slap right yeah exactly yeah the slap or at least we could
remember it that way so which verb to slap slap on thank you for joining us
for our phrasal verbs with stories we hope you have enjoyed that and that's
not all we don't want you to forget these we want you to use them right away so
get in the comment section and write us a creative example
using all of these phrasal verbs from today to spruce up to fool around to
bulk up to take up to brush up on to slap on and the best example gets a
shout out in our next live lesson good luck bye for now
click here to subscribe and be notified when we are next live if you want to live
eat and breathe real English then come and stay with us on our own immersion
course and lastly if you want more classes from us every week then come over
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go on you know you want to


Learn Phrasal Verbs the Fun Way!

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