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Neil voiceover: I've been working at the BBC
for a long time now. I've met lots of people.
And I sometimes bump into them… and make
small talk. They call it small talk, but that
doesn't mean it's of little importance.
Debbie: Neil.
Neil: Hello Debbie
Debbie: Hiya.
Neil: I didn't think you were here today.
Debbie: Yep. Just the trains… loads of delays.
Neil: Terrible, aren't they? Really awful.
Next election, I tell you, I'm going to vote
this lot out.
Debbie: Yeah, yeah things could be better.
It's not great.
Neil: So, who do you vote for normally?
Debbie: Sorry?
Neil: Who do you vote for? Which party?
Are you political? Are you a member of a party?
Debbie: Um… Um… I'm sorry, I'm sorry…
I just… I've just… I've just got to speak
to someone.
Neil: Yeah.
Debbie: Jim! Sorry. Jim!
Neil: See you later.
Neil voiceover: Let's see what our experts
have to say about that.
Sam: I thought he made a really strong start
with the transport and the delays. And she
was willing to answer those questions and
talk about it. And we love talking about delayed
trains in the UK.
Kee: He could have talked about his
own journey in. Sam: Yeah.
Kee: But instead he went for something else.
Sam : And yeah… you can… even talking
about politics, the fact that there's a general
election – fair enough, you can say,
'Oh yeah, things are interesting at the moment
with the general election', but you could
leave it there. Kee: Sure, sure.
Sam: You wouldn't talk about who
you voted for.
Kee: And also, they're in the canteen.
Sam: Yeah
Kee: 'What did you buy?'
Kee/Sam: 'What have you got for breakfast?'
A lot of clues in there – things that you
could talk about. Absolutely.
Sam : He had something in his hand.
Kee: Yeah he had like a…
Sam: She was clearly on her way to get something.
Kee: Sure, yeah. And I think as soon as he
asked that question, she was looking for an
excuse to get away from him. So the
signs were there, like you say.
Sam: Written all over her face.
Neil voiceover: Thanks for the tips, guys.
I'll try harder next time.


Subjects to avoid in British small talk: Politics

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