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  • Hello, I'm Ivan. 哈囉,我是Ivan.

  • Hello, I'm Harold. 哈囉,我是Harold.

  • Welcome toHot English Classroom”! 歡迎來到哈英語教室

  • Hey Harold, do you know whatYong-Bao-An-Kangis ? Harold,你知道「永保安康」嗎?

  • Nope. What’s that? 不知道,那是什麼

  • It’s actually a train ticket you can buy 那是一張可以在永康火車站

  • from Yongkang Station. 購買的火車票

  • A train ticket? 火車票?

  • What’s so special about that? 有什麼特別的嗎?

  • If you buy a train ticket from Yongkang Station 如果你買一張從永康站

  • to Baoan Train Station, 到保安站的車票,

  • and then read the words on the ticket 然後閱讀車票上的文字,

  • from left to right 逆時鐘唸

  • the words are rearranged to readYong-Bao-An-Kang”, 就會組成「永保安康」四個字,

  • which meanseternal peace and good health”. 它有永遠保住平安與健康的含意。

  • People buy the ticket for friends 很多人會買這張票來送給朋友

  • and family as a token of good fortune. 或家人 當作幸運符。

  • Wow! Chinese can be so interesting and creative! 哇!中文真的非常有趣又有創意!

  • That’s right. 沒錯

  • Yongkang has even more creative surprises! 永康還有更多有創意的東西喔!

  • Oh! How so? 喔!怎麼說呢?

  • Yongkang has two factories 永康有兩家

  • for creative cultural tourism. 文創觀光工廠,

  • One is a metal fabrication plant, 有金屬觀光工廠,

  • and the other is an herbal medicine processing plant. 也有草藥觀光工廠

  • Wow! That sounds like great fun! 哇!那應該非常好玩!

  • They both seem so different though! 但是這兩者感覺差異蠻大的!

  • The metal fabrication plant 金屬觀光工廠的作品,

  • in the spotlight more. 大家比較有印象,

  • They often participate in many exhibitions around Tainan. 因為只要參觀臺南各大展覽,都會看到他們的作品!

  • What about that herb medicine plant? 那草藥工廠呢?

  • A tourism factory dedicated to Chinese herbs? 也有專門為中藥設立的觀光工廠?

  • Yep. After the guided tour, 對啊,參觀後

  • youll understand the background of some of the herbs 你會學習到草藥的背景知識

Hello, I'm Ivan. 哈囉,我是Ivan.


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