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Hey guys!
I'm Chrissy.
These are my band mates, Dan and Will.
We're from a band called Against The Current.
And as some of you may know,
I'm obsessed with make-up.
So I'm gonna be showing you some of my beauty tips
on these lovely ladies right next to me.
So Will's gonna go for a red lip.
I'm going for red.
I want the trashy lip.
I want like,
the girl you don't bring home to your mom.
I like using liquid lipsticks for a red lip
because they'll stay longer.
This one's a luster matte
so it still has that shine
so it's gonna look like very glossy and healthy
without smudging off.
Yeah, inviting.
I want my lips to be inviting.
He likes an inviting lip, alright.
What do I do with my lips?
Just that for now.
You can line your lips beforehand if you like
with a red liner.
You don't have to,
especially with when using a liquid lip.
It's pretty easy to just line it with the applicator.
And when you're using a darker lip
you can kind of get away with over drawing it
a little more to make your lips look more voluptuous.
Now if you're over drawing the upper lip,
you can kind of get away with a little bit more
on the outer edges than when you can
with the cupid's bow area.
You can over draw them more in this area.
Just over the five o'clock shadow.
Yeah, right over the five o'clock shadow.
As opposed to the top of the lip.
Don't laugh!
Alright give me a nice little pat.
And give a nice little kissy face.
How do you feel?
I feel a little different.
But I think I look beautiful.
You do look beautiful.
So today we're gonna give Dan a nude lip.
Dan has a nice big puffy bottom lip.
So we're not gonna over draw too much on him.
If you want to make your lips look a little smaller
you can put some foundation,
like just with a foundation brush.
You can put some foundation over your lips first,
kind of neutralize the color.
And then redraw your lips
in like the size that you want.
We're gonna just start at the bottom,
and this time I'm gonna line the lips with,
so now I'm just filling in the bottom lip
right after I lined it.
You can do this with a lipstick that matches
the color of the lip liner,
or you can just do it with the lip liner itself.
It's a darker nude shade.
Especially if you're pale like Dan and I,
you're gonna want to use a really light shade
as a nude.
This one's a little dark for him,
so it's more of a chocolate nude.
But you look luscious!
You can go over this with a lipstick
in the color of your choice.
You can leave it as is.
You can fill it in with a liquid lip
if you want as well.
But the lip liner will stay pretty well on its own.
Look at my beautiful beauties!
And their luscious lips!
It's beautiful!
So kissable.


Against The Current's Chrissy Costanza Does Her Bandmates' Makeup

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