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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making a Jimmy Choo shoe cake.
There have been lots of requests for a shoe
cake tutorial and Lisa has been requesting

a pillow cake every week since May so I have
combined the two.

I will show you how to make the shoe first
and then the pillow.

First thing you need to do is cut out your
shoe template, that is available on the website

howtocookthat.net there's a link in the description
below this video.

Once you have cut it out also cut an sole
from some thin cardboard so we can use it

as a support while the fondant is drying.
You will also need to cut a couple of other
things out of cardboard and staple them together

where shown.
Place a stack of books on a baking tray and
using your template for the side profile of

the shoe match them up to the right height
and then open the cover of the top book and

prop it up to the right angle using tissues
or paper towel inside the book.

Then take the cardboard sole and bend it to
match the side profile of the shoe, set it

up on the books and tape it into place.
Take some non-stick baking paper and place
that over the top so that the fondant doesn't

stick to the template.
Now to make your buckle, place some baking
paper over your template and roll out a thin

even snake out of black fondant.
Then using a knife to help you bend the corners
to match outer size of the template, trim

it to the right size and join the two ends
together in the middle of one of the sides.

Then use an off cut to make the prong of the

Then take a dry paintbrush and dust that fondant
with silver luster dust on all the edges and

then leave the buckle to one side to dry.
Next to make our label roll out some white
fondant really thinly, put your template over

the top and cut out the rectangle shape.
Next take a sharp pencil and trace over the
letters of the logo pressing reasonably firmly.

When you remove the paper you will be able
to see a light indent that will guide you

to where to put the letters.
You can either paint them on using black gel
food colour or you can use an edible marker

to write them on.
To be honest I had never heard of Jimmy Choo
before making this cake, I just searched for

expensive shoe brands and found one that I
thought would look pretty on a cake.

If you want someone who does know a lot about
fashion and make up then check out beautiful

Carah's channel, her channel is called Carah
Amelie she has studied apparel design and

cosmetology and has been a licensed cosmetologist
for the last 8 years so she really knows her

She has heaps of great get ready with me videos
and skin care, hair and makeup tutorials and

some creative hair ups.
As always I'll put a link in the description
below the video and I'll add one to her channel

at the end of this video as well so, make
sure you check it out and let her know in

the comments that 'how to cook that' sent
you over.

Next roll out some black fondant to be half
a centimeter thick and cut around the outer

sole template line.
After you've cut it run the flat edge of your
knife around it to smooth off any imperfections.

Roll out some cream fondant and cut the inner
sole template size.

Rub a tiny amount of water onto the black
sole and add the cream sole over the top,

if it stretches a little as you add it like
mine did add your template back over the top

and trim it to shape.
Take your toe template and trim across the
cream toes section and remove that bit.

Line up your fondant sole with the sole that
we made out of cardboard and put it into place

so that it is going to dry in the right shape.
Dab a little bit of water on the top section
and add your label.

Take the tip of a knife and gently make stitching
indents across the top and base of the label.

You can see here the sole has little crease
marks in the fondant at the bend, if you want

to avoid that put the black sole onto the
support first and then add the cream sole

once it is in place.
Now to make the toe.
This shoe uses snake skin, you can buy expensive
snake skin texture mats but here I ma just

going o use a plastic texture mat that I use
for chocolate as well.

You get all of these texture mats in the back
of one book, whenever I mention them in a

video people always ask what was the book
and where did you get it from so I will put

a link to that particular one in the description
below the video so you know which one it is

it costs about $8 for the book.
Roll out your black fondant and then place
a texture mat over the top and roll over it

to make the imprint on the fondant, then remove
the template.

Then using the toe template cut along the
top of the toe shape of it but leave the rest

of it.
Add it to the toe lining it up with the cream
shoe lining.

And then use your finger to smooth it down
and around the toe and trim it off at the

The top angle of the heel to match the base
of the shoe angle so they can join together

So to make that take a thin book and prop
it open so that it matches to side profile

of the heel that I have given you.
Then add the heel template and double check
the angle is correct and tape it into place.

Roll out a thick snake of black fondant and
then using the palm of your hand push down

on one side as you roll to make it skinny
one one side.

Place it on the template and then roll it
some more until it matches the shape.

Use a knife to cut the angle of the top of
the heel then mold to the right shape using

your fingers.
Do you know how much these shoes actually
costs to buy? the real one I mean not the

Let me know what you think in the comments
below how expensive is too expensive for a

shoe and do you have a favourite shoe brand
that you like to wear?

Trim the end of the heel using a knife and
then make an indent at the base of the heel.

Next we are going to make the ankle strap
roll out some black fondant add a thin layer

of cream to the underside and then rub the
texture mat on the black side of it.

Using the ankle strap template cut out a long
strip and wrap it around your cardboard support

that is covered in baking paper.
Then using the back of a knife make two indents
near the end of the strap and add your buckle

into place.
Use a tooth pick to make a hole and then add
the other piece into the hole.

So that it looks like this.
After a couple of days once those pieces are
dry take a some black fondant and using the

back of a spoon mix into a thick paste with
a little water.

Use the paste to glue the heel to the shoe.
If you are in a hurry you can mix some tylose
powder into your fondant to make these pieces

set faster but that also means you need to
work faster when making your shapes.

Use something to support the shoe while it
sets and leave it to set for an hour you can

be work on your actual cake while you wait
for this or if you are making it ahead then

just take a break.
Roll a snake out of black fondant and add
it to the underside of the shoe where the

heel joins the sole and smooth it around,
then trim off the excess.

Take a toothpick and poke it into the shoe
on almost an upright angle.

Then sit the cardboard support over the top.
Roll out some black and some then some thin
cream fondant.

Using a tiny bit of water put the cream onto
the black, then flip it over and rub the texture

mat on top.
Cut it out using the template.
Use your knife to indent down the back in
two straight lines and then use the very tip

of the knife to make stitching marks down
the middle.

Add a little water along the base and put
into place resting it on the card.

Now I should have covered the card here in
baking paper because my fondant stuck when

I tried to take it off so make sure you don't
forget to add the baking paper.

Next to make the lower strap roll the black
and cream fondant just like we have before

but this time you don't need the texture mat
because this bit is made out of satin.

Cut out the shape and you can use a roll of
card here or bunch of tissues might be easier.

Rest the strap over the top and join it at
each side using a little water.

Repeat that process for the middle strap adding
some tissues for support.

Measure using you template to make sure they
are the right size and then add the fondant

strap dampening the ends with a little water.
Carefully line up the edge and gently push
it into place.

And yes you guessed it leave it out to dry,
now this fondant is only thin and it was a

really hot day here so i was able to take
the supports away after a couple of hours

but to be safe I'd suggest you leave it longer.
If you keep one of your strap off cuts you
can use that to see if it is dry enough you

can test it and see if it will hold its shape.
Carefully remove the back support and then
stack up some items to make supports of equal

height to balance a ruler on.
This is to hold the ankle strap in place while
it sets.

Then add some of your black paste and loop
it around the back of the shoe, with the buckle

on one side towards the back.
You could leave this shoe just like that or
customize it and add your own decorations

like flowers or whatever the birthday girl

But we are going to continue to decorate it
like the Jimmy Choo shoe, so to do that remove

your other supports and using your template
make your centre vertical strap just like

we made the others.
Slightly dampen the top of the strap and then
the top of the bottom two loops that are on

the shoe.
Attach it underneath the ankle strap and over
the other two loops.

Now to make our razor sequins that decorate
the shoe.

Staring with the black cut a thin strip, segment
it and cut one end into a point.

Add a little water and gently place them onto
the shoe.

Make another layer that overlaps the first
and then repeat that going up the shoe changing

to blue then greens and then back to the black.
Then we want to leave that to dry out, the
longer you leave it the stronger the shoe

will be.
For the pillow cake itself bake 4 quantities
of my red velvet cup cake recipe in a tray

and then let them cool.
Trim off the edges and then make yourself
a square template that you can use, mine is

23cm by 23cm.
Put a smear of cream cheese frosting onto
the base and cut a square of cake and add

it to the cake board.
Add a thin layer of cream cheese frosting,
each time you cut a square you are left with

off cuts that you can join two of those together
to make another square so you can use those

for alternate layers.
Use your knife to level them off if they are
not quite even.

Add another layer of cream cheese frosting
and continue to stack the cakes up in this

My red velvet cake recipe and the frosting
recipes are all on the blog howtocookthat.net

if you go to the shoe cake page which is in
the link below this video I will link to all

the recipes that you need from there.
Keep going until it is around 8 cm tall.
When we carve the top of the cake we want
to come down just past half way down to about

3cm we don't want it exactly in the middle
because pillows squash down when you put them

down on something.
Fold your square template in half and then
in half again to make a smaller square and

place that in the centre of your cake.
Starting with the corners carve down on an
angle down through the layers to the 3 cm

level that we looked at not right down to
the bottom.

Then repeat that on each of the corners and
then on each of the sides, cutting down on

an angle just down to the 3cm level.
Next use your knife to shave off thin layers
of cake at a time to round off your pillow,

we don't want hard angles.
We don't want it to look like a rock we want
it to look like a soft pillow.

So round it up to the top.
Then looking at your cake from above curve
it in slightly at the sides.

Not too much just a little bit.
Now for the underneath, from just below that
3cm line trim down on an angle towards the

cake board at each corner and then along the

Next the key to making it look soft and pillow
like is giving it some creases.

Grab a pillow and have a look at how it sits
and where the creases are.

Using your knife take some chunks out of the
sides to give it that look.

If you don't do this your pillow will look
a bit solid.

Clean up all of your crumbs and then cover
the whole cake in frosting and put in the

fridge to firm up.
I am using the cream cheese frosting on the
outside here too, it is quite a soft frosting

so if you are new to cake decorating I suggest
you use one of the buttercream recipes on

the website instead for the outside just to
make it a bit easier for yourself.

Roll out some fondant in the colour that you
want your pillow to be and cut a long strip.

Place it under one side and press it onto
the frosting.

Using scissors trim it at the corners and
long the cake at the 3 cm level.

Repeat that on each side and then cover the
top of the cake in fondant, you can use a

contrasting colour here or you could rub it
with a texture mat you can use whatever you

want to customise your pillow.
Then use a ball of fondant to smooth out the
fondant and push it into those creases that

we made.
Then run your finger along to find the edge
of the bottom fondant and trim it up using

your scissors.
Next to make the edging you can do that by
hand by rolling two snakes for fondant and

twisting them together.
Or you can use a fondant extruder with a plate
that looks like this one.

I will link you to where I bought this one
online in the description below the video

I have only recently bought one and they are
very handy.

You just roll out the fondant into a thick
snake, place it into the tube, screw the end

and then turn the handle and it pushes the
fondant out.

Then for this pattern I want you to twist
the cord in opposite directions on each end

so that it looks like cord.
Then take some gold luster dust and brush
it on using a paint brush.

Add some water along the edge of your pillow
and put some cord on using toothpicks to hold

it in place while that water fuses it to the
side of the cake.

Then using the fondant extruder again fitted
with the small circle tip squeeze out some

thin spaghetti looking pieces of fondant , dust
them with gold, twist the top and place them

onto the corners of the cake.
Remove your toothpicks.
Then measure roughly where the shoe will sit
and make a little indent on the cake, this

helps the shoe sit securely but also makes
the pillow look soft because if you put something

on a soft pillow it sinks down into it a little

Then add your shoe on top and your cake is
ready to serve.

Thanks for watching, you can put your requests
in the comments below and subscribe for more

cake tutorials, chocolate decorating lessons
and desserts.

Don't forget to check out Carahs channel and
tell her how to cook that sent you.

Have a great week and I'll see you next Friday.
[music The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv]


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