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  • Can you scroll down? Okay, the teleprompter is saying we are introducing a very very funny comedian and actress who does YouTube videos please welcome

    下にスクロールできますか?テレプロンプターが言っています とても面白いコメディアンと 女優を紹介します YouTubeのビデオをやっている人を 歓迎してください

  • Lilly Singh


  • who?


  • (applauding)


  • Thank you for filling the time slot, I'm exhausted to be here, I'm gonna say a bunch of things that my writers research


  • It's like numbers numbers numbers. It says like 12 million subscribers Forbes 30 under 30 woah

    それは数字の数字の数字のようなものです。それは1200万人の購読者のように言う フォーブスの30の下で30のwoah

  • I'm kind of listening, but I'm more concerned with how I'm sitting and if it looks okay.


  • I've never actually really watched your stuff. This cue card says that you wrote a book okay here. Let's promote that yall

    君の作品を見たことがないんだこのキューカードによると 本を書いたそうだな宣伝しようぜ

  • Never watch the show either, but yes, I wrote a book. It's called how to be a bawse

    番組は見てないけど 本を書いたんだ"How to be a bawse "と呼ばれています。

  • It is a guide to conquering life, and I'm here to tell you to buy it. - Sorry. I wasn't listening

    人生征服の道しるべになっているので、買ってくださいと言いに来ました。- 買ってくださいと言いに来たのですが、ごめんなさい。聞いてなかった

  • I was thinking about my next question, which is you're Indian


  • Which means I definitely have to ask you about your parents. - Of course. - I assume they're disappointed. *laughter* well actually

    ご両親のことを聞かないといけないわね- そうだな- 失望したでしょうね*laughter* まあ、実際には

  • I have a great very funny spontaneous story about them that I pre-planned. I'll pretend


  • It's funnier than it actually is great so my parents to be so confused with what I did


  • But now my dad is so obnoxiously proud of me. He goes around to everyone says I'm Lilly Singh's dad

    でも今のパパは私のことをとても誇りに思っています。私がリリー・シンの父親だと みんなに言いふらしている

  • (laughter) I really think the story's adorable (awwww)


  • I'm gonna ask you about your watch now because I know that you have an endorsement deal


  • Oh, yes, that's right, and now you'll get a portion of the check. So thank you. Oh, also my publicist thought


  • I should say that you're an inspiration to myself and women everywhere. -This is vodka. -I hope I'm still sitting okay

    あなたは私や女性の心を 揺さぶる存在です-これはウォッカだ-これはウォッカだ

  • I didn't shave that high. -We're gonna play a game now because I need a segment on YouTube

    そこまで剃ってない-YouTubeのセグメントが必要なので ゲームをします

  • Oh, I'm gonna actually often confused even though myself and 17 people on my team approve

    ああ、私は実際にしばしば混乱するつもりだ 私自身と私のチームの17人が承認しているにもかかわらず

  • It's called never have I ever oh, I played this a thousand times. I'm sure you're still gonna

    never have I ever oh, I ever, I played this a thousand times.きっとまだ

  • Tell me the rules I am I'm gonna say something that I've never done, and then if you've done it


  • I get a point oh, I'm for sure gonna lie for the sake of my friend never have I ever stolen anything

    友達のために嘘をつくつもりだが 盗んだことは一度もない

  • Oh never. Oh except for traditional media's audience


  • Yeah, you do get a lot of views and that's why we wanted to have you on the show Logan

    ええ、あなたは多くのビューを得ることができます、それがショーにあなたを持っていたかった理由です ローガン

  • I mean Lilly Lilly Lilly never have I ever been

    リリーリリー リリーリリーは今までに一度も

  • stoned on a talk show? - Oh, never. I don't want to lose my brand deals

    トークショーで酔っ払ってたのか?- ああ、絶対に。私は私のブランド取引を失いたくない

  • - I'm stone right now. - Could you remind people to buy my book again?

    - 私は今、石になっている。- また私の本を買うように 思い出させてくれないか?

  • Yes, we have 15 seconds left in the thing so say what you need to because say, thank you several times. Thank you


  • - Thank you. - And I'm gonna interrupt you because you keep repeating yourself, and then also my sister got you this gift :(

    - ありがとうございます- 何度も何度も言うから中断するわよ あと妹がプレゼントしてくれたんだからね :(

  • Oh, I'm just filled with things that have your name on them. Actually I had nothing to do with it. - Okay great

    ああ、私はあなたの名前が書いてあるもので一杯だわ。実は私は何の関係もないんだ- そうか......そうか........

  • Be sure to support Lily's new album. It's cuz it's a hashtag and then grow balls, and you can watch your videos on Vimeo


  • Thank You Lilly

    ありがとう リリー

  • For sure we're gonna take home all the food in the green room now. We're gonna lean in and we're gonna talk about it


  • Okay. It's nice to meet you. I have no idea who you are. - Me Neither. (unintelligible)

    初めましてあなたが誰だか知らないわ- 私はどちらでもない。 (意味不明)

  • - Thank you on your show as well with your viewers, thank you. - Okay, okay.

    - あなたの番組でも視聴者と一緒に、ありがとうございます。- さてさて。

  • Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video with Kelsey and make sure you check out her show on Netflix is called Chelsea it makes a


  • It makes a lot of sense.


  • My last video is right over there check out my second Vlog channel right over there


  • That make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop


  • I'm very scared of you


Can you scroll down? Okay, the teleprompter is saying we are introducing a very very funny comedian and actress who does YouTube videos please welcome

下にスクロールできますか?テレプロンプターが言っています とても面白いコメディアンと 女優を紹介します YouTubeのビデオをやっている人を 歓迎してください


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A2 初級 日本語 リリー ウォッカ 数字 ショー ビデオ 視聴

もしトークショーのインタビューが正直だったら (ft. Chelsea Handler)

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