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State your name.
Hello, I...
My name is Jessica Chastain, and I will be reading
for the role of Angela.
Great. Whenever you're ready.
Hi. My name's Angela.
It's nice to meet you.
That's good.
Could you try it again, uh, but hot?
Hi. My name's Angela.
It's nice to meet you. -Great.
This time, could you try it sweet and modest,
but also hot, and can you be younger?
Sure. That´s great.
[ Light laughter ]
Hi, my name´s Angela.
It´s so nice to meet you.
Right, right. Let´s try it like
you're a spicy little peppermint with a secret.
Okay. You´re a little peppermint.
Li´l Pep!
Hi. But hot, though.
[ Laughter ]
Hi, my name´s Angela.
Okay, a little less hot this time.
More sexy, right?
[ Laughter ]
Hi, my name´s Angela. All right.
Now like a strong girl-boss, but pouting, but sweet,
but also you love him, but hot.
You know? -Hmm.
Hi. My name´s Angela.
Just like that, but also, be Wonder Woman.
Be Wonder Woman?
Yeah, like, hot.
Hi, my name´s Angela. Murdered, but hot.
Hi, my name is Angela. Try like you´re smart,
accomplished, and empowered.
Really? Oh, that´s great.
Sorry, misread my notes there.
Try hot.
[ Laughter ]
Hi. My name is Angela. Wait, sorry.
Hot in what way? Hot enough that people
will really listen to what you´re saying.
[ Audience groans ]
Why don't you say the lines?
Okay. Mumble some.
[ Exhale ]
Hi, my name´s Angela.
Yeah, that´s good. How about, like, you're hot
and your actually hot, like it's hot in the room,
but then you're hot and you ate something spicy,
but then you're into spice but you're hungry,
but just in a hot way, like a hungry
How can you do hungry-hot, you know?
Hungry-hot. Yeah, gimme hungry-hot.
That'd be something different. Okay.
Hi. My name is Angela.
Can you do hotter?
Uh, hi. My name is Angela
Hi! My name's Angela.
Hotter! Hi, my name is hot!
[ Laughter ]
Okay. Thank you.
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
State your name.
I am Arthur, and I´ll be reading for the role
of Mike. Whenever you´re ready.
Hi, my name is Mike.
Perfect. I love it.
Fantastic, no notes. -Great.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Our thanks to Jessica Chastain!



Every Audition Ever with Jessica Chastain

15357 タグ追加 保存
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